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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "S"

S?ren Kierkegaard Quotes
S. Barry Lipkin Quotes
S. Behrman Quotes
S. C. Hall Quotes
S. Dubay Quotes
S. G. Tallentyre Quotes
S. I. Hayakawa Quotes
S. M. Frazier Quotes
S. Tobin Webster Quotes
S. W. Duffield Quotes
S.S. Biddle Quotes
Saadi Quotes
Sacha Guitry Quotes
Sadaharu Oh Quotes
Sadi Gulistan Quotes
Saint Albertus Magnus Quotes
Saint Alfred Quotes
Saint Alfred of Rievaulx Quotes
Saint Augustine Quotes
Saint Basil Quotes
Saint Francis de Sales Quotes
Saint Jerome Quotes
Saint Teresa of Avila Quotes
Saint Thomas Acquinas Quotes
Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes
Saint, The Quotes
Sakaue Quotes
Saki Quotes
Sal Davino Quotes
Sallust Quotes
Sally Berger Quotes
Sally Field Quotes
Sally Kempton Quotes
Sally Koch Quotes
Sally Struthers Quotes
Salman Rushdie Quotes
Salvador Dali Quotes
Salvador De Madriaga Quotes
Salvador Nasello Quotes
Salvatore Satta Quotes
Salvor Hardin Quotes
Sam Brown Quotes
Sam Ervin Quotes
Sam Ewing Quotes
Sam Houston Quotes
Sam Keen Quotes
Sam Kinison Quotes
Sam Levenson Quotes
Sam Nunn Quotes
Sam Rayburn Quotes
Sam Shepard Quotes
Sam Shoen Quotes
Sam Slick Quotes
Sam Snead Quotes
Sam Walter Foss Quotes
Sam Walton Quotes
Sammy Davis Jr. Quotes
Samual Rutherford Quotes
Samuel Adams Quotes
Samuel Beckett Quotes
Samuel Bonom Quotes
Samuel Bowles Quotes
Samuel Butler Quotes
Samuel Cunningham Quotes
Samuel Daniel Quotes
Samuel Davies Quotes
Samuel Fessenden Quotes
Samuel Foote Quotes
Samuel G. Goodrich Quotes
Samuel Goldwyn Quotes
Samuel Gompers Quotes
Samuel Hahnemann Quotes
Samuel Himmel Quotes
Samuel Insull Quotes
Samuel Johnson Quotes
Samuel Johsnon Quotes
Samuel L. Jackson Quotes
Samuel Levenson Quotes
Samuel Lover Quotes
Samuel M Silver Quotes
Samuel M. Shoemaker Quotes
Samuel Osgood Quotes
Samuel P. Ginder Quotes
Samuel Paterson Quotes
Samuel Pepys Quotes
Samuel Richardson Quotes
Samuel Rutherford Quotes
Samuel Smiles Quotes
Samuel T. Coleridge Quotes
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes
Samuel Taylor Coolidge Quotes
Samuel Ullman Quotes
Samuel Vauclain Quotes
Samuel Warren Quotes
Samurai Maxim Quotes
Sanaya Roman Quotes
Sandara Carey Quotes
Sandi Quotes
Sandlot, The Quotes
Sandra Bernhard Quotes
Sandra Boynton Quotes
Sandra Bullock Quotes
Sandra Day O'Connor Quotes
Sandy Wilson Quotes
Sang Kyu Shin Quotes
Sanskrit Poem Quotes
Santayana Quotes
Santha Rama Rau Quotes
Sappho Quotes
Sara Teasdale Quotes
Sarah Ban Breathnach Quotes
Sarah Bernhardt Quotes
Sarah Caldwell Quotes
Sarah Cleghorn Quotes
Sarah Ellis Quotes
Sarah Ferguson Quotes
Sarah J. Hale Quotes
Sarah Jessica Parker Quotes
Sarah Knowles Bolton Quotes
Sarah Margaret Fuller Quotes
Sarah McLachlan Quotes
Sarah Orne Jewett Quotes
Saskya Pandita Quotes
Satchel Paige Quotes
Saul Alinsky Quotes
Saul Bellow Quotes
Saul Landau Quotes
Saul Steinberg Quotes
Saunders Quotes
Save the Last Dance Quotes
Savielly Tartakower Quotes
Saving Private Ryan Quotes
Savinien Cyrano De Bergerac Quotes
Saying Quotes
Scandanavian Proverb Quotes
Schillerbuch Quotes
Schines Quotes
Scipio Africanus Quotes
Scott Adams Quotes
Scott Alexander Quotes
Scott Bairstow Quotes
Scott Elledge Quotes
Scott Hamilton Quotes
Scott L. Turow Quotes
Scott McNealy Quotes
Scott Reed Quotes
Scott Russell Sanders Quotes
Scott Sheddan Quotes
Scott Wolf Quotes
Scott Young Quotes
Scottie Pippen Quotes
Scottish Proverb Quotes
Sean Connery Quotes
Sean Karsten Quotes
Sean O'Casey Quotes
Sean Penn Quotes
Sebastian Coe Quotes
Sebastian Moore Quotes
Sebastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort Quotes
Sedalia Times Quotes
Seen in a .signature file Quotes
Seen on a t-shirt Quotes
Selma James Quotes
Senator Barry Goldwater Quotes
Seneca Quotes
Seng-Ts'an Quotes
Sengstan Quotes
Serge Daney Quotes
Serge Gainsbourg Quotes
Sesame Street Quotes
Seve Ballesteros Quotes
Seven Quotes
Sewell Quotes
Sextus Propertius Quotes
Shahazad Quotes
Shakespeare Quotes
Shakti Gawain Quotes
Shalom Harlow Quotes
Shalom Rokeach Quotes
Shana Alexander Quotes
Shanghai Noon Quotes
Shannon Fife Quotes
Shannon Miller Quotes
Sharon Anthony Bower Quotes
Shashi Deshpande Quotes
Shaun Prowdzik Quotes
Shawshank Redemption Quotes
Shawshank Redemption, The Quotes
Sheffield Quotes
Sheila Graham Quotes
Shelby Foote Quotes
Shelby Friedman Quotes
Sheldon Kopp Quotes
Shelley Bovey Quotes
Shelley Long Quotes
Shelley Winters Quotes
Shepherd Mead Quotes
Sherlock Holmes Quotes
Sherrill Brown Quotes
Sherry Hochman Quotes
Sherry Stringfield Quotes
Sherwood Anderson Quotes
Sherwood Eddy Quotes
Sheryl Adams Quotes
Sheryl Condie Quotes
Shigenori Kameoka Quotes
Shirley Ann Grau Quotes
Shirley Chisholm Quotes
Shirley Conran Quotes
Shirley Hazzard Quotes
Shirley Hufstedler Quotes
Shirley Maclaine Quotes
Shirley Temple Quotes
Shirley Temple Black Quotes
Shirley Williams Quotes
Sholem Asch Quotes
Sholom Aleichem Quotes
Shrek Quotes
Shug Jordan Quotes
Shunryu Suzuki Quotes
Shusha Guppy Quotes
Shvetashvatara Upanishad Quotes
Sibbes Quotes
Sicilian Proverb Quotes
Sid Caesar Quotes
Sid Taylor Quotes
Sid Vicious Quotes
Siddha Nagarjuna Quotes
Sidney A. Weltmer Quotes
Sidney Goff Quotes
Sidney Howard Quotes
Sidney J. Harris Quotes
Sidney Lanier Quotes
Sidney Madwed Quotes
Sidney Poitier Quotes
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette Quotes
Sigmund Freud Quotes
Sigmund Z. Engel Quotes
Sign at a Church Quotes
Sigourney Weaver Quotes
Sila-Prabhrita Quotes
Silvan Engel Quotes
Silverado Quotes
Simeon Strunsky Quotes
Simon Dach Quotes
Simon Hoggart Quotes
Simon Rattle Quotes
Simon Travaglia Quotes
Simondes of Ceos Quotes
Simone De Beauvoir Quotes
Simone Signoret Quotes
Simone Weil Quotes
Simonides Quotes
Simply Sarah Quotes
Sinclair Lewis Quotes
Sioux Indian Prayer Quotes
Sir Alec Guiness Quotes
Sir Alfred Jules Ayer Quotes
Sir Anthony Eden Quotes
Sir Arnold Lunn Quotes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Quotes
Sir Arthur Helps Quotes
Sir Arthur Kent Quotes
Sir Arthur Wing Pinero Quotes
Sir Aubrey De Vere Quotes
Sir Charles Napier Quotes
Sir Claus Moser Quotes
Sir Edmund Gosse Quotes
Sir Edmund Hillary Quotes
Sir Edward Appleton Quotes
Sir Edward Coke Quotes
Sir Edwin Arnold Quotes
Sir Eric Geddes Quotes
Sir Fred Hoyle Quotes
Sir Frederick Browning Quotes
Sir George Jessel Quotes
Sir Girad Quotes
Sir Hardy Amies Quotes
Sir Heneage Ogilvie Quotes
Sir Henry Taylor Quotes
Sir Henry Wotton Quotes
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree Quotes
Sir Hugh Walpole Quotes
Sir Humphrey Davy Quotes
Sir Humphrey Gilbert Quotes
Sir Isaac Newton Quotes
Sir Isaiah Berlin Quotes
Sir Jacob Astley Quotes
Sir James Barrie Quotes
Sir James Goldsmith Quotes
Sir James Jeans Quotes
Sir John A. Macdonald Quotes
Sir John Chadwick Quotes
Sir John Davies Quotes
Sir John Denham Quotes
Sir John Egan Quotes
Sir John Eliot Quotes
Sir John Harvey Quotes
Sir John Herschel Quotes
Sir John Lubbock Quotes
Sir John Robert Seeley Quotes
Sir John Vanbrugh Quotes
Sir Joshua Reynolds Quotes
Sir Lawrence Olivier Quotes
Sir Matthew Hale Quotes
Sir Muhammad Iqbal Quotes
Sir P(elham) G(renville) Wodehouse Quotes
Sir Peter Hall Quotes
Sir Peter Medawar Quotes
Sir Philip Sidney Quotes
Sir Rabindranath Tagore Quotes
Sir Richard Burton Quotes
Sir Richard Hull Quotes
Sir Richard Steele Quotes
Sir Robin Day Quotes
Sir Roger L'Estrange Quotes
Sir Samuel Garth Quotes
Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Quotes
Sir Seymour Hicks Quotes
Sir Sidney Nolan Quotes
Sir Stephen Spender Quotes
Sir T. Wyatt Quotes
Sir Terence Conran Quotes
Sir Thomas Beecham Quotes
Sir Thomas Browne Quotes
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton Quotes
Sir Thomas Lipton Quotes
Sir Thomas Malory Quotes
Sir Thomas Treves Quotes
Sir Walter Besant Quotes
Sir Walter Raleigh Quotes
Sir Walter Raliegh Quotes
Sir Walter Scott Quotes
Sir William Blackstone Quotes
Sir William Bragg Quotes
Sir William Haley Quotes
Sir William Hamilton Quotes
Sir William Jones Quotes
Sir William Osler Quotes
Sir William Ramsay Quotes
Sir William Temple Quotes
Sir William Watson Quotes
Sir Winston Churchill Quotes
Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill Quotes
Sirach Quotes
Sissela Bok Quotes
Sister Corita Kent Quotes
Sister Mary Lauretta Quotes
Sister Mary Tricky Quotes
Sisters Of Mercy Quotes
Sitting Bull Quotes
Sivananda Quotes
Skeet Ulrich Quotes
Sloan Wilson Quotes
Smiley Blanton Quotes
Smith & Jones Quotes
Snoopy Quotes
Snow White Quotes
So I Married and Axe Murderer Quotes
Socrates Quotes
Soichiro Honda Quotes
Sojourner Truth Quotes
Solomon Quotes
Solomon Schechter Quotes
Solomon Short Quotes
Solon Quotes
Somers White Quotes
Somerset Maugham Quotes
Song From The California Special Olympics Quotes
Song of Salomon 2:1 Quotes
Song of Soloman Quotes
Sonny Bono Quotes
Sophia Blanche Lyon Fahs Quotes
Sophia Loren Quotes
Sophie Tucker Quotes
Sophie Tunnell Quotes
Sophocles Quotes
Soren Aabye Kierkegaard Quotes
Soren F. Petersen Quotes
Soren Kierkegaard Quotes
Soupy Sales Quotes
Source Unknown Quotes
South African Proverb Quotes
southern sayings Quotes
Spaceballs Quotes
Spanish Proverb Quotes
Sparky Anderson Quotes
Speakers Library Quotes
Spencer Haywood Quotes
Spencer Tracy Quotes
Spencer W. Kimball Quotes
Spiderman Quotes
Spike Lee Quotes
Spike Milligan Quotes
Spinoza Quotes
Spiro T. Agnew Quotes
Splash Mountain Quotes
Spud Webb Quotes
Sri Anandamayi Ma Quotes
Sri Chinmoy Quotes
Sri da Avabhas Quotes
Sri Madhava Quotes
Sri Ramakrishna Quotes
Sri Sarada Devi Quotes
Sri Swami Sivananda Quotes
Srully Blotnick Quotes
Srully D. Blotnick Quotes
St. Ambrose Quotes
St. Athanasius Quotes
St. Augustine Quotes
St. Basil Quotes
St. Bernard Quotes
St. Catherine of Genoa Quotes
St. Elmo's Fire Quotes
St. Evermond Quotes
St. Francis De Sales Quotes
St. Francis of Assisi Quotes
St. Gregory The Great Quotes
St. Ignatius Loyola Quotes
St. Jerome Quotes
St. John Chrysosatom Quotes
St. John Chrysostom Quotes
St. John of the Cross Quotes
St. John Perse Quotes
St. Macarius of Egypt Quotes
St. Teresa of Avila Quotes
St. Theresa of Lisieux Quotes
St. Thomas Aquinas Quotes
Stacie Lynn Quotes
Stan Dale Quotes
Stan Dunn Quotes
Stan Michalski Quotes
Stan Mikita Quotes
Stan Mooneyham Quotes
Stan Smith Quotes
Standing Bear Quotes
Stanely J. Randall Quotes
Stanislaus I Quotes
Stanislaw J. Lec Quotes
Stanislaw Lec Quotes
Stanislaw Lem Quotes
Stanley Baldwin Quotes
Stanley C. Gault Quotes
Stanley Garn Quotes
Stanley Kubrick Quotes
Stanley Marcus Quotes
Stanley Milgram Quotes
Stanlicus Quotes
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Quotes
Star Trek: First Contact Quotes
Star Trek: Generations Quotes
Star Trek: Insurrection Quotes
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Quotes
Star Wars Quotes
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Quotes
Stark Young Quotes
Stefan Edberg Quotes
Steffi Graf Quotes
Stella Adler Quotes
Stella Benson Quotes
Stella Terrill Mann Quotes
Stendahl Quotes
Stendhal Quotes
Stephan Crane Quotes
Stephan Grellet Quotes
Stephan Kanfer Quotes
Stephane Mallarme Quotes
Stephanie Coontz Quotes
Stephen A. Brennan Quotes
Stephen B. Leacock Quotes
Stephen Bayley Quotes
Stephen Covey Quotes
Stephen Decatur Quotes
Stephen Devore Quotes
Stephen F. Gaskin Quotes
Stephen Fry Quotes
Stephen Graham Quotes
Stephen Hales Quotes
Stephen Hawking Quotes
Stephen Howard Quotes
Stephen Jay Gould Quotes
Stephen Jobs Quotes
Stephen King Quotes
Stephen LaBerge Quotes
Stephen Leacock Quotes
Stephen Levine Quotes
Stephen Potter Quotes
Stephen R. Covey Quotes
Stephen S. Wise Quotes
Stephen Shober Quotes
Stephen Sondheim Quotes
Stephen Spender Quotes
Stephen Stills Quotes
Stephen Swid Quotes
Stephen Vincent Benet Quotes
Stephen Vizinczey Quotes
Stephen W. Hawking Quotes
Stephen Wright Quotes
Steve Bartkowski Quotes
Steve Brown Quotes
Steve Brunkhorst Quotes
Steve Chandler Quotes
Steve Cuthbert Quotes
Steve G. Makris Quotes
Steve Garvey Quotes
Steve Halpem Quotes
Steve Jobs Quotes
Steve Landesberg Quotes
Steve Leonard Quotes
Steve Martin Quotes
Steve Miller Quotes
Steve Polyak Quotes
Steve Prefontaine Quotes
Steve Rivkin Quotes
Steve Schmidt Quotes
Steve Tesich Quotes
Steve Winwood Quotes
Steve Wozniak Quotes
Steve Young Quotes
Steven Biko Quotes
Steven C. Meyer Quotes
Steven Coallier Quotes
Steven Covey Quotes
Steven Gilbert Quotes
Steven Halpern Quotes
Steven Seagal Quotes
Steven Soderbergh Quotes
Steven Spielberg Quotes
Steven Stiles Quotes
Steven Tyler Quotes
Steven Weinberg Quotes
Steven Wright Quotes
Stevie Smith Quotes
Stevie Wonder Quotes
Stew Leonard Quotes
Steward Alsop Quotes
Stewart Alsop Quotes
Stewart B. Johnson Quotes
Stewart Brand Quotes
Stewart E. White Quotes
Stewart Udall Quotes
Sting Quotes
Stirling Moss Quotes
Stonewall Jackson Quotes
Stopford Brooke Quotes
Storm Jameson Quotes
Storm Jamison Quotes
Strange Brew Quotes
Streckfuss Quotes
Struthers Burt Quotes
Stu Mittleman Quotes
Stuart Briscoe Quotes
Stuart Chase Quotes
Stuart Wilde Quotes
Student Slogan Quotes
Studs Terkel Quotes
Success Magazine Quotes
Sudie Back Quotes
Sue Atchley Ebaugh Quotes
Sue Murphy Quotes
Sufi Proverb Quotes
Sufism Quotes
Sugar Ray Leonard Quotes
Sugar Ray Robinson Quotes
Sully Quotes
Sultana Zoraya Quotes
Summer Sanders Quotes
Sun Tzu Quotes
Susan B. Anthony Quotes
Susan Blow Quotes
Susan Butler Anderson Quotes
Susan Ertz Quotes
Susan Glaspell Quotes
Susan Jeffers Quotes
Susan Lee Quotes
Susan M. Watkins Quotes
Susan Marthaller Quotes
Susan Sarandon Quotes
Susan Shaughnessy Quotes
Susan Sontag Quotes
Susan Taylor Quotes
Susan Vass Quotes
Susanna Moodie Quotes
Susanne Millen Quotes
Susie Orbach Quotes
Sutrakritanga Quotes
Suzanne La Follette Quotes
Suzanne Lafollette Quotes
Suzanne Moarny Quotes
Suzanne Necker Quotes
Svetlana Alliluyeva Quotes
Swahili Warrior Song Quotes
Swami Brahmanada Quotes
Swami Omkarananda Quotes
Swami Ramdas Quotes
Swami Vivekananda Quotes
Swedish Proverb Quotes
Sweet Smell of Success Quotes
Swinnock Quotes
Sy Leon Quotes
Sybil Marshall Quotes
Sydney Harris Quotes
Sydney Hook Quotes
Sydney J. Harris Quotes
Sydney Joseph Perelman Quotes
Sydney Pfizer Quotes
Sydney Smiles Quotes
Sydney Smith Quotes
Sylvester Stallone Quotes
Sylvia Ashton Warner Quotes
Sylvia Ashton-Warner Quotes
Sylvia Bremer Quotes
Sylvia Pankhurst Quotes
Sylvia Plath Quotes
Sylvia Porter Quotes
Syrus Quotes