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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "B"

B. A. Billingsly Quotes
B. B. King Quotes
B. C. Forbes Quotes
B. Dodge Quotes
B. E. Hutchinson Quotes
B. F. Skinner Quotes
B. J. Gupta Quotes
B. K. Sandwell Quotes
B. R. Hayden Quotes
B. Traven Quotes
B.F. Skinner Quotes
B.H. Roberts Quotes
B.J. Gupta Quotes
B(urrhus) F(rederic) Skinner Quotes
Baba Dioum Quotes
Babe Didrikson Zaharias Quotes
Babe Paley Quotes
Babe Ruth Quotes
Babyface Quotes
Back To The Future Quotes
Badge Quotes
Bailey Quotes
Baltasar Gracian Quotes
Baltasar Gracian y Morales Quotes
Barbara Bloom Quotes
Barbara Boxer Quotes
Barbara Burrow Quotes
Barbara Bush Quotes
Barbara Cartland Quotes
Barbara Charline Jordan Quotes
Barbara De Angelis Quotes
Barbara Ehrenreich Quotes
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Quotes
Barbara Hershey Quotes
Barbara Hoffman Quotes
Barbara Howar Quotes
Barbara J. Alexander Quotes
Barbara J. Winter Quotes
Barbara Johnson Quotes
Barbara Kelly Quotes
Barbara Kingsolver Quotes
Barbara Paley Quotes
Barbara Pletcher Quotes
Barbara Sher Quotes
Barbara Streisand Quotes
Barbara Tuchman Quotes
Barbara W. Winder Quotes
Barbara Walters Quotes
Barbarella Quotes
Barbra Streisand Quotes
Baron de la Brede et de Montesquieu Quotes
Baron Grimm Quotes
Baron Lane Quotes
Baron Patrick Maynard Quotes
Baron William Henry Beveridge Quotes
Baroness Orczy Quotes
Baronne Anne Louise de Stael Stael Quotes
Barres Quotes
Barrett Wendell Quotes
Barrie Keeffe Quotes
Barry Beck Quotes
Barry Bonds Quotes
Barry Cornwall Quotes
Barry Crimmins Quotes
Barry Duncan Quotes
Barry Fantoni Quotes
Barry Goldwater Quotes
Barry J. Farber Quotes
Barry Jones Quotes
Barry Lopez Quotes
Barry Morris Goldwater Quotes
Barry Munro Quotes
Barry Schwartz Quotes
Barry Spilchuk Quotes
Barry White Quotes
Barstow Bates Quotes
Bart Conner Quotes
Bart Simpson Quotes
Baruch (Benedict de) Spinoza Quotes
Baruch Spinoza Quotes
Basho Quotes
Basil Bunting Quotes
Basil Hume Quotes
Basil King Quotes
Basil O'Connor Quotes
Basil S. Walsh Quotes
Basil W. Maturin Quotes
Basile Quotes
Baskins Quotes
Basta Quotes
Batman Quotes
Batman Forever Quotes
Baudelaire Quotes
Baudjuin Quotes
Baudouin I Quotes
Bavarian Proverb Quotes
Bavee Quotes
Bayard Rustin Quotes
Bayard Taylor Quotes
Bayazid Al-Bistami Quotes
Beano Cook Quotes
Bear Bryant Quotes
Beatrice Lillie Quotes
Beatrice Potter Webb Quotes
Beatrix Potter Quotes
Beau Brummel Quotes
Beca Lewis Quotes
Becky Sharp Quotes
Bedouin Proverb Quotes
Beecher Quotes
Bela Karolyi Quotes
Bella Lewitzky Quotes
Bellamy Brooks Quotes
Belva Davis Quotes
Belva Lockwood Quotes
Ben Bayol Quotes
Ben Becht Quotes
Ben C. Bradlee Quotes
Ben Elton Quotes
Ben Hecht Quotes
Ben Herbster Quotes
Ben Hogan Quotes
Ben Jipcho Quotes
Ben Johnson Quotes
Ben Johnston Quotes
Ben Jonson Quotes
Ben Kingsley Quotes
Ben Lindsey Quotes
Ben Stein Quotes
Ben Sweet Quotes
Ben Sweetland Quotes
Ben Weininger Quotes
Benedetto Croce Quotes
Benedict Spinoza Quotes
Bengali Hymn Quotes
Benicio Del Toro Quotes
Benito Mussolini Quotes
Benjamin B. Warfield Quotes
Benjamin Brewster Quotes
Benjamin Britten Quotes
Benjamin Disrael Quotes
Benjamin Disraeli Quotes
Benjamin Dizzy Disraeli Quotes
Benjamin E. Mayes Quotes
Benjamin F. Fairless Quotes
Benjamin Franklin Quotes
Benjamin Harrison Quotes
Benjamin Haydon Quotes
Benjamin J. Montalbano Quotes
Benjamin Jowett Quotes
Benjamin Lee Whorf Quotes
Benjamin Lichtenberg Quotes
Benjamin N. Cardozo Quotes
Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe Quotes
Benjamin O. David Quotes
Benjamin Ricketson Tucker Quotes
Benjamin Rush Quotes
Benjamin Spock Quotes
Benjamin Tillett Quotes
Benjamin Whichcote Quotes
Bennett Cerf Quotes
Benno C. Schmidt, Jr. Quotes
Benny Green Quotes
Benny Hill Quotes
Beran Wolfe Quotes
Bergen Evans Quotes
Bergen Evens Quotes
Berke Breathed Quotes
Bern Williams Quotes
Bernadette Devlin Quotes
Bernard Avishai Quotes
Bernard Baily Quotes
Bernard Berenson Quotes
Bernard Cooper Quotes
Bernard de Fontanelle Quotes
Bernard Devoto Quotes
Bernard Edmonds Quotes
Bernard Elliot Bee Quotes
Bernard Gilpin Quotes
Bernard Grasset Quotes
Bernard Ingham Quotes
Bernard Joseph Saurin Quotes
Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle Quotes
Bernard Le Bovier Fontenelle Quotes
Bernard M. Baruch Quotes
Bernard M. Martin Quotes
Bernard Magazine Quotes
Bernard Mandeville Quotes
Bernard Mannes Baruch Quotes
Bernard Meltzer Quotes
Bernard-Henri Levy Quotes
Bernice Johnson Reagon Quotes
Bernie S. Siegel Quotes
Bernie Zilbergeld Quotes
Bernoulli Quotes
Bert Murray Quotes
Bert Whitney Quotes
Bertha Von Suttner Quotes
Berthe Morisot Quotes
Bertold Brecht Quotes
Bertolt Brecht Quotes
Bertrand Russel Quotes
Bertrand Russell Quotes
Beryl Markham Quotes
Bess Myerson Quotes
Bess Streeter Aldrich Quotes
Bessie Stanley Quotes
Best of Bits and Pieces Quotes
Beth Knight Quotes
Bette Davis Quotes
Bette Howland Quotes
Bette Midler Quotes
Bettina Ballard Quotes
Betty Bender Quotes
Betty Friedan Quotes
Betty Grable Quotes
Betty Naomi Friedan Quotes
Betty Rollin Quotes
Beverly Jones Quotes
Beverly Nichols Quotes
Beverly Sills Quotes
Bhagavad Gita Quotes
Bharitihari Quotes
Bible Quotes
Bible, 1 John 4:9 Quotes
Big Quotes
Big Daddy Quotes
Bilbo Baggins, Lord of the Rings Quotes
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Quotes
Bill Anderson Quotes
Bill Baughan Quotes
Bill Beattie Quotes
Bill Blass Quotes
Bill Bradley Quotes
Bill Bryson Quotes
Bill Bulko Quotes
Bill Carlin Quotes
Bill Cartwright Quotes
Bill Clinton Quotes
Bill Copeland Quotes
Bill Cosby Quotes
Bill DeWitt Quotes
Bill Dixon Quotes
Bill Earle Quotes
Bill Gates Quotes
Bill Gothard Quotes
Bill Grey Quotes
Bill Keane Quotes
Bill Koch Quotes
Bill Lee Quotes
Bill Maher Quotes
Bill Mcglashen Quotes
Bill McIntire Quotes
Bill Moyers Quotes
Bill Murray Quotes
Bill Nye Quotes
Bill Paxton Quotes
Bill Pullman Quotes
Bill Sands Quotes
Bill Shankly Quotes
Bill Stern Quotes
Bill Tilden Quotes
Bill Vaughan Quotes
Bill Vaughn Quotes
Bill Veeck Quotes
Bill Walton Quotes
Bill Waterson Quotes
Bill Watterson Quotes
Bill Wheeler Quotes
Billie Burke Quotes
Billie Holiday Quotes
Billie Holliday Quotes
Billie Jean King Quotes
Billy Boy Franklin Quotes
Billy Connelly Quotes
Billy Corgan Quotes
Billy Gibbons Quotes
Billy Graham Quotes
Billy Joel Quotes
Billy Madison Quotes
Billy Martin Quotes
Billy Rose Quotes
Billy Sunday Quotes
Billy Wilder Quotes
Billy Zane Quotes
Billy Zeoli Quotes
Bioleau Quotes
Bion Quotes
Bischer Quotes
Bishop Desmond Tutu Quotes
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen Quotes
Bishop Hall Quotes
Bishop Herbert E. Welch Quotes
Bishop Horne Quotes
Bishop Hugh Latimer Quotes
Bishop Mandell Creighton Quotes
Bishop Mervyn Stockwood Quotes
Bishop Richard Cumberland Quotes
Bishop Robert South Quotes
Bishop Steere Quotes
Bishop Westcott Quotes
Bjorn Borg Quotes
Black American Saying Quotes
Black Elk Quotes
Blair Sabol Quotes
Blaise Cendrars Sauser Quotes
Blaise Pascal Quotes
Blessing Irish Quotes
Bliss Carman Quotes
Blues Brothers Quotes
Blum Ralph Quotes
Bo Jackson Quotes
Bo Lozoff Quotes
Bo Schembechler Quotes
Bo-Bunny Press Quotes
Boardroom Reports Quotes
Bob Anderson Quotes
Bob Beamon Quotes
Bob Bickford Quotes
Bob Bowen Quotes
Bob Brown Quotes
Bob Dole Quotes
Bob Dylan Quotes
Bob Geldof Quotes
Bob Grinde Quotes
Bob Guccione Quotes
Bob Harrington Quotes
Bob Hawke Quotes
Bob Hoffman Quotes
Bob Hope Quotes
Bob Inglis Quotes
Bob Lemon Quotes
Bob Marley Quotes
Bob Moawad Quotes
Bob ope Quotes
Bob Phillips Quotes
Bob Richards Quotes
Bob Schwartz Quotes
Bob Seger Quotes
Bob Smith Quotes
Bob Talbert Quotes
Bob Veale Quotes
Bob Wells Quotes
Bob Wickman Quotes
Bobby Bouchet, Waterboy Quotes
Bobby Fischer Quotes
Bobby Hull Quotes
Bobby Jones Quotes
Bobby Layne Quotes
Bobby Mirassol Quotes
Bobby Orr Quotes
Bobe Hope Quotes
Bodenstedt Quotes
Bodie Thoene Quotes
Boe Lightman Quotes
Boethius Quotes
Bogovich Quotes
Bokonon Quotes
Bonewitz Quotes
Bonnie Blair Quotes
Bonnie Jean Thornley Quotes
Bonnie Prudden Quotes
Bonnie Raitt Quotes
Book Of Common Prayer Quotes
Book of Dzyan Quotes
Book of Mormon Quotes
Booker T. Washington Quotes
Booth Tarkington Quotes
Boris Marshalov Quotes
Boris Pasternak Quotes
Boris Yeltsin Quotes
Borman Frank Quotes
Boss Tweed Quotes
Boston Quotes
Boufflers Quotes
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Quotes
Bowen Baxter Quotes
Bowyer Bell Quotes
Boy George Quotes
Brad Breitenstein Quotes
Brad Pitt Quotes
Brady Quotes
Branch Rickey Quotes
Brander Matthews Quotes
Braveheart Quotes
Breakfast Club, The Quotes
Brenda Starr Quotes
Brenda Ueland Quotes
Brendan F. Behan Quotes
Brendan Francis Quotes
Brendan Gill Quotes
Brendan Hills Quotes
Brent Spiner Quotes
Bret Harte Quotes
Brete Hart Quotes
Brian Aldiss Quotes
Brian Andreas Quotes
Brian Andres Quotes
Brian Corby Quotes
Brian Eno Quotes
Brian Friel Quotes
Brian Gurney Quotes
Brian Hays Quotes
Brian Hwang Quotes
Brian Inglis Quotes
Brian Keenan Quotes
Brian Klemmer Quotes
Brian Koslow Quotes
Brian Masters Quotes
Brian Moore Quotes
Brian O'Shaugnessy Quotes
Brian Tracy Quotes
Brigham Young Quotes
Brigham Young Fun Quotes
Brigid Antonia Brophy Quotes
Brigitte Bardot Quotes
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Quotes
British Board of Film Quotes
Brooke Shields Quotes
Brooks Atkinson Quotes
Brother Angelus Quotes
Brother Lawrence Quotes
Brouhours Quotes
Brubaker Movie Quotes
Bruce B. Clark Quotes
Bruce Barton Quotes
Bruce Catton Quotes
Bruce Dickinson Quotes
Bruce Friedman Quotes
Bruce Grocott Quotes
Bruce Henderson Quotes
Bruce J Freidmen Quotes
Bruce Jenner Quotes
Bruce Lee Quotes
Bruce Springsteen Quotes
Bruce Sterling Quotes
Bruce Williams Quotes
Bruce Willis Quotes
Bryan Adams Quotes
Bryan Appleyard Quotes
Bryan Lindsay Quotes
Bryan Waller Proctor Quotes
Bryan White Quotes
Buck Rodgers Quotes
Buck Williams Quotes
Buckminster Fuller Quotes
Bud Wilkinson Quotes
Budd Schulberg Quotes
Buddha Quotes
Buddy Buie Quotes
Buddy Hackett Quotes
Buddy Holly Quotes
Buke Ellington Quotes
Bum Phillips Quotes
Bumper Sticker Quotes
Bunker Hunt Quotes
Burke Quotes
Burt Bacharach Quotes
Burt Lancaster Quotes
Burt Reynolds Quotes
Burton Quotes
Burton Hills Quotes
Burton L. Mack Quotes
Burton Rascoe Quotes
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid Quotes
Byron Quotes
Byron Caldwell Smith Quotes
Byron Nelson Quotes