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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "P"

P. D. Armour Quotes
P. D. James Quotes
P. G. Wodehouse Quotes
P. J. O'Rourke Quotes
P. J. Plauger Quotes
P. L. Berger Quotes
P. L. Debevoise Quotes
P. W. Bridgman Quotes
P. W. Litchfield Quotes
P.D. James Quotes
P.J O'Rourke Quotes
P.J. O'Rourke Quotes
P.K. Shaw Quotes
P.T. Barnum Quotes
Pablo Casals Quotes
Pablo Neruda Quotes
Pablo Picasso Quotes
Paddy Ashdown Quotes
Palmer Wright Quotes
Pam Brown Quotes
Pamela Glenconner Quotes
Pamela Hansford Johnson Quotes
Pamela Sturgeon Quotes
Pamela Vaull Starr Quotes
Pancho Segura Quotes
Pancho Villa Quotes
Pantanjali Quotes
Paracelsus Quotes
Paramahansa Yogananda Quotes
Parent Trap, The Quotes
Park Benjamin Quotes
Parkinson's Law Quotes
Partick Moore Quotes
Pasquier Quesnel Quotes
Pat Boone Quotes
Pat Carroll Quotes
Pat Conroy Quotes
Pat Day Quotes
Pat Metheny Quotes
Pat Riley Quotes
Pat Williams Quotes
Patanjali Quotes
Patricia Clifford Quotes
Patricia Fripp Quotes
Patricia Fry Quotes
Patricia McCann Quotes
Patricia Meyer Spacks Quotes
Patricia Moyes Quotes
Patricia Neal Quotes
Patricia Nixon Quotes
Patricia Sampson Quotes
Patrick B. Oliphant Quotes
Patrick Buchanan Quotes
Patrick Campbell Quotes
Patrick Dennis Quotes
Patrick Henry Quotes
Patrick Henry Pearse Quotes
Patrick Kavanagh Quotes
Patrick Mcgoohan Quotes
Patrick Overton Quotes
Patrick White Quotes
Patti Smith Quotes
PattiSue Plumber Quotes
Paul Anderson Quotes
Paul Aubuchon Quotes
Paul Auster Quotes
Paul Boese Quotes
Paul Bourget Quotes
Paul Brown Quotes
Paul Burton Quotes
Paul Cezanne Quotes
Paul Chambers Quotes
Paul Chatfield Quotes
Paul Cook Quotes
Paul D. Moody Quotes
Paul De Gondi Quotes
Paul De Man Quotes
Paul Dickson Quotes
Paul Dirac Quotes
Paul Dudley White Quotes
Paul E. Gray Quotes
Paul Ehrlich Quotes
Paul Eldridge Quotes
Paul Engle Quotes
Paul Erdos Quotes
Paul Erlich Quotes
Paul Fix Quotes
Paul Freund Quotes
Paul Fussell Quotes
Paul G. Thomas Quotes
Paul Gallico Quotes
Paul Gauguin Quotes
Paul Geraldy Quotes
Paul Goodman Quotes
Paul Guaguin Quotes
Paul Harvey Quotes
Paul Hawken Quotes
Paul Hoffman Quotes
Paul J. Fleyer Quotes
Paul J. Meyer Quotes
Paul Johannes Tillich Quotes
Paul Johnson Quotes
Paul Joseph Goebbels Quotes
Paul Karl Feyerabend Quotes
Paul Keating Quotes
Paul Klee Quotes
Paul Little Quotes
Paul Mallory Quotes
Paul Mccartney Quotes
Paul Merton Quotes
Paul Murray Kendall Quotes
Paul Newman Quotes
Paul P. Parker Quotes
Paul R. Scheele Quotes
Paul Reichmann Quotes
Paul Reiser Quotes
Paul Reubens Quotes
Paul Rudnick Quotes
Paul Sadler Quotes
Paul Santaguida Quotes
Paul Scherer Quotes
Paul Simon Quotes
Paul Sweeney Quotes
Paul Theroux Quotes
Paul Tillich Quotes
Paul Tourneir Quotes
Paul Tsongas Quotes
Paul Twitchell Quotes
Paul Valery Quotes
Paul Verlaine Quotes
Paul Vernon Buser Quotes
Paul Volcker Quotes
Paul West Quotes
Paul Whiteman Quotes
Paul Wilkinson Quotes
Paul Zane Pilzer Quotes
Paula Nelson Quotes
Paula Poundstone Quotes
Pauline Frederick Quotes
Pauline Kael Quotes
Pauline Thomason Quotes
Peace Pilgrim Quotes
Pearl Bailey Quotes
Pearl Harbor Quotes
Pearl S. Buck Quotes
Pearl Strachan Hurd Quotes
Pearl Sydenstricker Buck Quotes
Pearl Williams Quotes
Peckeroy Quotes
Pedro Calder=n de la Barca Quotes
Pedro Calderon de la Barca Quotes
Peg Bracken Quotes
Peggy Cahn Quotes
Peggy Fleming Quotes
Peggy Joyce Quotes
Peggy Noonan Quotes
Pele Quotes
Penelope Fitzgerald Quotes
Penelope Lombard Quotes
Penn Jillett Quotes
Percey Byshe Shelley Quotes
Percival Arland Usher Quotes
Percival Arland Ussher Quotes
Percy Bysshe Shelley Quotes
Percy H. Johnson Quotes
Percy Ross Quotes
Percy Sutton Quotes
Pericles Quotes
Perry Miller Quotes
Persian Proverb Quotes
Persius Quotes
Pete Johnson Quotes
Pete Rose Quotes
Pete Sampras Quotes
Pete Seeger Quotes
Peter (Stephen Paul) Brook Quotes
Peter A. Cohen Quotes
Peter Aitken Quotes
Peter Brodie Quotes
Peter C. Newman Quotes
Peter Conrad Quotes
Peter D. Moore Quotes
Peter Daniel Quotes
Peter Davies Quotes
Peter De Vries Quotes
Peter De Vries Quotes
Peter Demianovich Ouspensky Quotes
Peter DeVries Quotes
Peter Drucker Quotes
Peter F. Drucker Quotes
Peter Gabriel Quotes
Peter Handke Quotes
Peter Jennings Quotes
Peter Kline Quotes
Peter Laurence Quotes
Peter M. Leschak Quotes
Peter Marshall Quotes
Peter Mcarthur Quotes
Peter Mckay Quotes
Peter Mcwilliams Quotes
Peter Nelson Quotes
Peter Nicols Quotes
Peter Nivio Zarlenga Quotes
Peter Prichard Quotes
Peter Reading Quotes
Peter Russell Quotes
Peter Schultz Quotes
Peter Scotese Quotes
Peter Seller Quotes
Peter Shaffer Quotes
Peter T. Forsyth Quotes
Peter Townsend Quotes
Peter Ustinov Quotes
Peter Wastholm Quotes
Peter Weiss Quotes
Petra Kelly Quotes
Petron Quotes
Petronius Quotes
Phaedrus Quotes
Phil Collins Quotes
Phil Jackson Quotes
Phil Linz Quotes
Phil Patton Quotes
Phil Weltman Quotes
Philip Butler Quotes
Philip Caldwell Quotes
Philip Crosby Quotes
Philip Delaney Quotes
Philip Dormer Chesterfield Quotes
Philip Dormer Stanhope Quotes
Philip Dow Quotes
Philip Gibbs Quotes
Philip Guedalla Quotes
Philip Henry Quotes
Philip II Quotes
Philip James Bailey Quotes
Philip Johnson Quotes
Philip K. Dick Quotes
Philip Knight Quotes
Philip L. Graham Quotes
Philip Larkin Quotes
Philip Massinger Quotes
Philip Norman Quotes
Philip Rieff Quotes
Philip Roth Quotes
Philip Wylie Quotes
Philippe Quinault Quotes
Philippe Sollers Quotes
Philipus A. Paracelsus Quotes
Phillip Brooks Quotes
Phillip C. Grant Quotes
Phillip D. Stanhope Quotes
Phillip H. Haberman Jr. Quotes
Philo Quotes
Philokalia Quotes
Phyllis Bottome Quotes
Phyllis Diller Quotes
Phyllis Mcginley Quotes
Phyllis Schlafly Quotes
Phyllis Therous Quotes
Pickering Quotes
Pico Iyer Quotes
Pien Ch'Iao Quotes
Pier Paolo Pasolini Quotes
Pierre Auguste Renoir Quotes
Pierre Bonnard Quotes
Pierre Burton Quotes
Pierre Charron Quotes
Pierre Coneille Quotes
Pierre Corneille Quotes
Pierre Cornielle Quotes
Pierre de Beaumarchais Quotes
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Quotes
Pierre Joseph Proudhon Quotes
Pierre Teilhard De Chardin Quotes
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Quotes
Piers Paul Read Quotes
Piet Hein Quotes
Pietro Aretino Quotes
Pietro Mascagni Quotes
Pietro Metastasio Quotes
Pilpay Quotes
Pindar Quotes
Pink Floyd Quotes
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan Quotes
Pir Vilayat Khan Quotes
Pitman Quotes
Pittacus Quotes
Pius XII Quotes
Pius XII Pacelli Quotes
Planet of the Apes Quotes
Platen Quotes
Plato Quotes
Plaut Quotes
Plautus Quotes
Pliny the Elder Quotes
Pliny the Younger Quotes
Plotinus Quotes
Plutarch Quotes
Pogo Quotes
Policeman Quotes
Polish Proverb Quotes
Polly Adler Quotes
Polybius Quotes
Pomfret Quotes
Pop Warner Quotes
Pope Boniface VIII Quotes
Pope Gregory I Quotes
Pope Gregory VII Quotes
Pope John Paul II Quotes
Pope John Paul III Quotes
Pope John XXIII Quotes
Pope Paul III Quotes
Pope Paul VI Quotes
Porterfield Quotes
Portuguese Proverb Quotes
Potter Stewart Quotes
Poul Anderson Quotes
Predator Quotes
Prentice Mulford Quotes
Preston Bradley Quotes
Pricilla Elfrey Quotes
Primo Levi Quotes
Prince Quotes
Prince of Wales Charles Quotes
Prince Philip Edinburgh Quotes
Princess Anne Ireland Quotes
Princess Bride, The Quotes
Princess Diaries, The Quotes
Princess of Wales Diana Quotes
Priscilla Maurice Quotes
Prochnow Quotes
Prof. F. A. P. Aveling Quotes
Professor Blackie Quotes
Professor William Buechner Quotes
Proverb Quotes
Proverbs Quotes
Proverbs 23:7 Quotes
Prutz Quotes
Psalm 19:4 Quotes
Psalm 27: 13-14 Quotes
Psalms 30:5 Quotes
Publilius Syrus Quotes
Publius Cornelius Tacitus Quotes
Publius Ovidius Naso Ovid Quotes
Publius Terentius Afer Quotes
Pulp Fiction Quotes
Punch Quotes
Puzant Kevork Thomajan Quotes
Pythagoras Quotes