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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "K"

K. O'Hara Quotes
K. Patricia Cross Quotes
Kabbalah Quotes
Kahlil Gibran Quotes
Kajetan Von Schlaggenberg Quotes
Kalan Quotes
Kamila Quotes
Kara Vichko Quotes
Karate Kid, The Quotes
Kareem Abdul-Jabar Quotes
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Quotes
Karel Capek Quotes
Karen Burka Quotes
Karen Clodfelder Quotes
Karen Horney Quotes
Karen Kaiser Clark Quotes
Karen Kakascik Quotes
Karen Sunde Quotes
Karl A. Hakkarainen Quotes
Karl Albrecht Quotes
Karl Barth Quotes
Karl Kraus Quotes
Karl Lagerfeld Quotes
Karl Liebknecht Quotes
Karl Lueger Quotes
Karl Marx Quotes
Karl Menninger Quotes
Karl Popper Quotes
Karl von Clausewitz Quotes
Karl Wallenda Quotes
Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt Quotes
Kate Chopin Quotes
Kate Field Quotes
Kate Halvereson Quotes
Kate Millet Quotes
Kate Moss Quotes
Kate Reid Quotes
Kate Samperi Quotes
Kate Seredy Quotes
Katha Upanishad Quotes
Katharine Butler Hathaway Quotes
Katharine Hamnett Quotes
Katharine Hepburn Quotes
Katharine Houghton Hepburn Quotes
Katharine Walker Quotes
Katharine Whitehorn Quotes
Kathe Kollwitz Quotes
Katherine Anne Porter Quotes
Katherine Barchetti Quotes
Katherine Butler Hathaway Quotes
Katherine F. Gerould Quotes
Katherine Francke Quotes
Katherine Graham Quotes
Katherine Hathaway Quotes
Katherine Hepburn Quotes
Katherine Houghton Hepburn Quotes
Katherine Lee Bates Quotes
Katherine Mansfield Quotes
Katherine Paterson Quotes
Katherine Tait Quotes
Kathleen Norris Quotes
Kathleen Raine Quotes
Kathleen Turner Quotes
Kathryn Carpenter Quotes
Kathy Ireland Quotes
Kathy Norris Quotes
Kay Lyons Quotes
Keanu Reeves Quotes
Kearney Quotes
Kehlog Albran Quotes
Keiser Quotes
Keith Bellows Quotes
Keith Degreen Quotes
Keith Floyd Quotes
Keith Miller Quotes
Keith Richards Quotes
Kelly Hunt Quotes
Kelvin Mackenzie Quotes
Kelvin Throop Quotes
Kelvin Throop III Quotes
Kemal Atatnrk Quotes
Ken Adelman Quotes
Ken Blanchard Quotes
Ken Carey Quotes
Ken Faver Quotes
Ken Gilbert Quotes
Ken Hakuta Quotes
Ken Hudgins Quotes
Ken Iverson Quotes
Ken Kesey Quotes
Ken Keyes Quotes
Ken Keyes Jr. Quotes
Ken Keyes, Jr. Quotes
Ken Lewis Quotes
Ken Mason Quotes
Ken S. Keyes, Jr. Quotes
Kenji Miyazawa Quotes
Kenko Yoshida Quotes
Kenneth A. Wells Quotes
Kenneth Auchincloss Quotes
Kenneth Baker Quotes
Kenneth Boudling Quotes
Kenneth Boulding Quotes
Kenneth Branagh Quotes
Kenneth Branaugh Quotes
Kenneth Clark Quotes
Kenneth Clarke Quotes
Kenneth Grahame Quotes
Kenneth Hare Quotes
Kenneth Hildebrand Quotes
Kenneth Kaunda Quotes
Kenneth Patchen Quotes
Kenneth Rexroth Quotes
Kenneth Tynan Quotes
Kenny Rogers Quotes
Kent Nerburn Quotes
Kent Steffes Quotes
Kenyan Proverb Quotes
Kermit the Frog Quotes
Kerouac Jack Quotes
Kerry Salesman Quotes
Kerry Thornley Quotes
Kerryn Burgess Quotes
Keshavan Nair Quotes
Kevin Bacon Quotes
Kevin Costner Quotes
Kevin Kline Quotes
Kevin Nealon Quotes
Kevin Richardson Quotes
Kevin Sorbo Quotes
Kevin Spacey Quotes
Khalil Gibran Quotes
Kiichi Miyazawa Quotes
Kilgore Trout Quotes
Kim Basinger Quotes
Kim Hubbard Quotes
Kim Wilde Quotes
Kim Zmeskal Quotes
Kimon Nicolaides Quotes
Kin Hubbard Quotes
Kindergarten Cop Quotes
King Charles I Quotes
King George V Quotes
King Hussein Quotes
King Soloman Quotes
Kingman Brewster, Jr Quotes
Kingsley Amis Quotes
Kinkel Quotes
Kirchenbaum Quotes
Kirk Douglas Quotes
Kirk Kirkpatrick Quotes
Kirkegaard Quotes
Kirt Herbert Adler Quotes
Kitty O'neill Collins Quotes
Klemens Von Metternich Quotes
Klopstock Quotes
Knight's Tale, A Quotes
Knut Hamsun Quotes
Knute Rockne Quotes
Konrad Adenauer Quotes
Konrad Lorenz Quotes
Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky Quotes
Konstantin Stanislavisky Quotes
Koran Sura Quotes
Korean Proverb Quotes
Korman Quotes
Kosovar Quotes
Kotomichi Quotes
Kovacs Quotes
Kreeshna Quotes
Kris Kristofferson Quotes
Kristin Joy Bender Quotes
Krystal Ann Kraus Quotes
KSThe Kollwitz Quotes
Kuo His Quotes
Kurt Lewin Quotes
Kurt Russell Quotes
Kurt Vonnegut Quotes
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Quotes
Kwame Nkrumah Quotes
Kyle Rote Jr. Quotes
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