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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "A"

A Course In Miracles Quotes
A Few Good Men Quotes
A Haiku Verse Quotes
A Harvey Block Quotes
A Knight's Tale Quotes
A League of Their Own Quotes
A League of Their Own Movie Quotes
A Mom Quotes
A Night at the Roxbury Quotes
A. A. Hodge Quotes
A. A. Milne Quotes
A. Alvarez Quotes
A. B. Zu Tavern Quotes
A. Bartlett Giamatti Quotes
A. C. Swinburne Quotes
A. E. Housman Quotes
A. Edward Newton Quotes
A. Frieligrath Quotes
A. H. Euwer Quotes
A. H. K. Boyd Quotes
A. Hamburg Quotes
A. J. Foyt Quotes
A. J. Liebling Quotes
A. J. Muste Quotes
A. J. P. Taylor Quotes
A. Jenkins Quotes
A. L. Linall Jr. Quotes
A. L. Rowse Quotes
A. Lou Vickery Quotes
A. N. Wilson Quotes
A. Neilen Quotes
A. Owen Penny Quotes
A. P. Gouthey Quotes
A. P. Herbert Quotes
A. S. Neil Quotes
A. Sachs Quotes
A. W. Tozer Quotes
A. Whitney Brown Quotes
A.A. Milne Quotes
A.E. Hotchner Quotes
A.L. Williams Quotes
A.Terance Dinesh Quotes
Aaron Burr Quotes
Aaron Copland Quotes
Aaron Hill Quotes
Aaron Machado Quotes
Abba Eban Quotes
Abbe Dimnet Quotes
Abbe Sieyes Quotes
Abbie Hoffman Quotes
Abdullah Muhammad Quotes
Abe Lemons Quotes
Abel Stevens Quotes
Abigail Adams Quotes
Abigail Trafford Quotes
Abigail Van Buren Quotes
Abraham Cowley Quotes
Abraham Crowley Quotes
Abraham Flexner Quotes
Abraham H. Maslow Quotes
Abraham Ibn Esra Quotes
Abraham J. Heschel Quotes
Abraham Kaplan Quotes
Abraham Lincoln Quotes
Abraham Rotstein Quotes
Abram Joseph Ryan Quotes
Abram Sacher Quotes
Abu Sa'id Quotes
Accius Quotes
Ace Ventura Pet Detective Quotes
Achaan Chah Quotes
Acts 13:30-35 ESV Quotes
Ada Leverson Quotes
Adair Lara Quotes
Adam C. Engst Quotes
Adam Clayton Powell Quotes
Adam Duritz Quotes
Adam R. Gwizdala Quotes
Adam Sandler Quotes
Adam Smith Quotes
Adam Zimbler Quotes
Addison Mizner Quotes
Addison Walker Quotes
Adeil Prince Quotes
Adel Bestavros Quotes
Adela Rogers St. Johns Quotes
Adelaide Crapsey Quotes
Adelbert Von Chamisso Quotes
Adlai E. Stevenson Quotes
Adlai Ewing Stevenson Quotes
Adlai Stevenson Quotes
Adlai Stevenson; To college graduates Quotes
Admiral Grace Hooper Quotes
Admiral Grace Hopper Quotes
Adolf Berle Quotes
Adolph Hitler Quotes
Adolph Meyer Quotes
Adrian Cadbury Quotes
Adrian Rogers Quotes
Adrienne Baisden Quotes
Adrienne Gusoff Quotes
Adrienne Rich Quotes
Aerosmith Quotes
Aeschylus Quotes
Aesop Quotes
African Proverb Quotes
Agatha Christie Quotes
Agesilaus II Quotes
Aggie Pate Quotes
Agnes C. Laut Quotes
Agnes De Mille Quotes
Agnes Repplier Quotes
Agni Celeste Quotes
Agustin Gomez-Arcos Quotes
Aharon Appelfeld Quotes
Aimee Martin Quotes
Air Force One Quotes
Airplane Quotes
Akeem Olajuwon Quotes
Akhenaton Quotes
Akio Morita Quotes
Akira Kurosawa Quotes
Akiro Kurosawa Quotes
Al Attles Quotes
Al Batt Quotes
Al Bauman Quotes
Al Bernstein Quotes
Al Bundy Quotes
Al Capone Quotes
Al Capp Quotes
Al Di Guido Quotes
Al Gallagher Quotes
Al Gore Quotes
Al Kersha Quotes
Al Lee Quotes
Al Lubel Quotes
Al McGuire Quotes
Al Neuharth Quotes
Al Pacino Quotes
Al Seckel Quotes
Al Sharpman Quotes
Al-Nuri Quotes
Aladdin Quotes
Alain Quotes
Alain Chartier Quotes
Alain French Quotes
Alain-Rene Le Sage Quotes
Alan Alda Quotes
Alan Ashley-Pitt Quotes
Alan Ayckbourn Quotes
Alan Bennett Quotes
Alan Biole Quotes
Alan Bleasdale Quotes
Alan Brien Quotes
Alan C. Kay Quotes
Alan Clark Quotes
Alan Coren Quotes
Alan Dean Foster Quotes
Alan Dixon Quotes
Alan H. Meyer Quotes
Alan Havhamess Quotes
Alan Hovhaness Quotes
Alan Jay Lerner Quotes
Alan Kay Quotes
Alan Lakein Quotes
Alan M. Eddison Quotes
Alan Paton Quotes
Alan Pease Quotes
Alan Perlis Quotes
Alan Redpath Quotes
Alan Reed Quotes
Alan Saporta Quotes
Alan Seeger Quotes
Alan Simpson Quotes
Alan Stewart Paton Quotes
Alan Valentine Quotes
Alan W. Watts Quotes
Alanis Morissette Quotes
Alasdair Chalmers Macintyre Quotes
Albert Camus Quotes
Albert Coombs Barnes Quotes
Albert E. Cliffe Quotes
Albert Edward Wiggam Quotes
Albert Einstein Quotes
Albert Ellis Quotes
Albert Goldman Quotes
Albert Gray Quotes
Albert Greenfield Quotes
Albert Guinon Quotes
Albert Gyorgyi Quotes
Albert Halsey Quotes
Albert Low Quotes
Albert Pike Quotes
Albert S. Johnstone Quotes
Albert Schweitezer Quotes
Albert Schweitzer Quotes
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Quotes
Alberta Flanders Quotes
Alberto Salazar Quotes
Alcoholics Anonymous Prayer Quotes
Aldo Leopold Quotes
Aldous Huxley Quotes
Alec Bourne Quotes
Alec Cairncross Quotes
Alec Waugh Quotes
Aleister Crowley Quotes
Aleksander Solzhenitsyn Quotes
Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn Quotes
Alessandro Manzoni Quotes
Alex Haley Quotes
Alex Karras Quotes
Alex Levine Quotes
Alex Mitchell Quotes
Alex Morrison Quotes
Alex Noble Quotes
Alexander Bain Quotes
Alexander Blok Quotes
Alexander Brome Quotes
Alexander Calder Quotes
Alexander Cannon Quotes
Alexander Chase Quotes
Alexander Clark Quotes
Alexander Cockburn Quotes
Alexander Comfort Quotes
Alexander Douglas Home Quotes
Alexander Dumas Quotes
Alexander Fleming Quotes
Alexander Graham Bell Quotes
Alexander Haig Quotes
Alexander Hamilton Quotes
Alexander Herzen Quotes
Alexander Maclaren Quotes
Alexander Pope Quotes
Alexander Smith Quotes
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Quotes
Alexander The Great Quotes
Alexander Trocchi Quotes
Alexander Woollcott Quotes
Alexander Zhuravlyov Quotes
Alexandr Solzhenitzyn Quotes
Alexandra Penney Quotes
Alexandra Stoddard Quotes
Alexandre Dumas Quotes
Alexandre Dumas Pere Quotes
Alexandre Dumas, fils Quotes
Alexandre Ledru-Rollin Quotes
Alexandria Penney Quotes
Alexi Sayle Quotes
Alexis Carrel Quotes
Alexis Charles Henri Clerel de Tocqueville Quotes
Alexis De Tocqueville Quotes
Alexis Delp Quotes
Alexis Dupuy Quotes
Alfonso The Wise Quotes
Alfonso X Quotes
Alford Quotes
Alfre Woodard Quotes
Alfred A. Montapert Quotes
Alfred Adler Quotes
Alfred Alder Quotes
Alfred Austin Quotes
Alfred Bernhard Nobel Quotes
Alfred De Musset Quotes
Alfred E. Neuman Quotes
Alfred E. Smith Quotes
Alfred Glossbrenner Quotes
Alfred Hitchcock Quotes
Alfred Jarry Quotes
Alfred Korzybski Quotes
Alfred Lord Tennyson Quotes
Alfred Lunt Quotes
Alfred Mercier Quotes
Alfred Nobel Quotes
Alfred North Whitehead Quotes
Alfred Polgar Quotes
Alfred Stuart Jr. Quotes
Alfred Stuart, Jr. Quotes
Alfred Sutro Quotes
Alfred Tennyson Quotes
Alfred Torrie Quotes
Alfred Whitney Griswold Quotes
Algernon Sidney Quotes
Alice A. Bailey Quotes
Alice Caldwell Rice Quotes
Alice Duer Miller Quotes
Alice James Quotes
Alice Kahn Quotes
Alice Mackenzie Swaim Quotes
Alice Mary Hilton Quotes
Alice May Brock Quotes
Alice Meynell Quotes
Alice Paul Quotes
Alice Potter Quotes
Alice Roosevelt Longworth Quotes
Alice Stone Blackwell Quotes
Alice Thomas Ellis Quotes
Alice Thompson Quotes
Alice Walker Quotes
Alien Quotes
Aliens Quotes
Aline Murray Kilmer Quotes
Alistair Cooke Quotes
Allan Bloom Quotes
Allan K. Chalmers Quotes
Allan Massie Quotes
Allen E. Claxton Quotes
Allen Ginsberg Quotes
Allen J. Boone Quotes
Allen Tate Quotes
Alphonse Daudet Quotes
Alphonse De Lamartine Quotes
Alphonse Karr Quotes
Alphonse Marie Louis de Lamartine Quotes
Althea Gibson Quotes
Alva Johnson Quotes
Alvaro de Solva Quotes
Alvin Burger Quotes
Alvin Kernan Quotes
Alvin Toffler Quotes
Alymer Letterman Quotes
Alyssa Milano Quotes
Ama Ata Aidoo Quotes
Amanda Bradley Quotes
Amanda Cross Quotes
Amanda Gier Quotes
Amanda Grier Quotes
Amar Gopal Bose Quotes
Ambrose Bierce Quotes
Ambrose Bierce, Devil?s Dictionary Quotes
Ambrose Gwinett Bierce Quotes
Ambrose of Milan Quotes
Ambrose Redmoon Quotes
Amelia E. Barr Quotes
Amelia Earhart Quotes
American Management Quotes
American Proverb Quotes
American Saying Quotes
Amerigo Vespucci Quotes
Amos Bronson Alcott Quotes
Amos Parrish Quotes
Amos Traver Quotes
Amy Butler Quotes
Amy Carmichael Quotes
Amy Grant Quotes
Amy Leslie Quotes
Amy Lowell Quotes
Amy Tan Quotes
Amy Vanderbilt Quotes
An Wang Quotes
Anacharsis Quotes
Anais Nin Quotes
Analects Quotes
Anatol Rapoport Quotes
Anatole Quotes
Anatole France Quotes
Ancient Celts Quotes
Ancient Paradox Quotes
Ancient Persian Saying Quotes
Ancient Proverb Quotes
Anderw Grove Quotes
Andre B. Buruch Quotes
Andre Breton Quotes
Andre Gide Quotes
Andre Godin Quotes
Andre Malraux Quotes
Andre Maurois Quotes
Andre Norton Quotes
Andre Sinyavsky Quotes
Andrea Ayvazian Quotes
Andrea Dworkin Quotes
Andrea Newman Quotes
Andrei Voznesensky Quotes
Andrew Brown Quotes
Andrew Carnegie Quotes
Andrew Denton Quotes
Andrew Granatelli Quotes
Andrew Grove Quotes
Andrew H. Malcolm Quotes
Andrew Holleran Quotes
Andrew Jackson Quotes
Andrew Lang Quotes
Andrew Linzey Quotes
Andrew M. Greeley Quotes
Andrew Marvell Quotes
Andrew Matthews Quotes
Andrew Murray Quotes
Andrew Ross Quotes
Andrew W. Mathis Quotes
Andrew William Mellon Quotes
Andrew Young Quotes
Andy Garcia Quotes
Andy Grove Quotes
Andy Rooney Quotes
Andy Warhol Quotes
Aneurin Bevan Quotes
Angel Cordero Jr. Quotes
Angela Carter Quotes
Angela Lambert Quotes
Angela Lansbury Quotes
Angela Monet Quotes
Angela Thirkell Quotes
Angela Y. Davis Quotes
Angelina Grimke Quotes
Angelique Arnauld Quotes
Angelus Silesius Quotes
Angie Dickenson Quotes
Angie Everhart Quotes
Angus Macpherson Quotes
Angus Wilson Quotes
Ani DiFranco Quotes
Anibal Cavaco Silva Quotes
Animal House Quotes
Anita Baker Quotes
Anita Brookner Quotes
Anita DeFrantz Quotes
Anita Loos Quotes
Anita Roddick Quotes
Ann Diehl Quotes
Ann Landers Quotes
Ann Oakley Quotes
Ann Richards Quotes
Ann Taylor Quotes
Anna Quotes
Anna Chennault Quotes
Anna Cummins Quotes
Anna Ford Quotes
Anna Freud Quotes
Anna Jameson Quotes
Anna Letitia Barbauld Quotes
Anna Louise Strong Quotes
Anna Magnani Quotes
Anna Nicole Smith Quotes
Anna Pavlova Quotes
Anna Quindlen Quotes
Anna Sewell Quotes
Anna Strong Quotes
Anna Wickham Quotes
Anne Baxter Quotes
Anne Bradstreet Quotes
Anne Bronte Quotes
Anne Byrhhe Quotes
Anne Campbell Quotes
Anne Cumming Quotes
Anne Dillard Quotes
Anne Frank Quotes
Anne Heche Quotes
Anne Louise Germaine de Stael Quotes
Anne Mccaffrey Quotes
Anne Morrow Lindbergh Quotes
Anne Of Green Gables Quotes
Anne Perry Quotes
Anne Rice Quotes
Anne Rice, Taltos Quotes
Anne Sexton Quotes
Anne Smedley Quotes
Anne Sophie Swetchine Quotes
Anne Spencer Morrow Lindbergh Quotes
Anne Sullivan Quotes
Anne Swetchine Quotes
Anne Tucker Quotes
Anne Tyler Quotes
Anne W. Schaef Quotes
Annette Goodheart Quotes
Annie Besant Quotes
Annie Dillard Quotes
Annie Gottlier Quotes
Annie Lennox Quotes
Annie Sullivan Quotes
Anonymous Quotes
Anonymous Teacher Quotes
Anouk Aimee Quotes
Ansari Quotes
Ansel Adams Quotes
Anthony Brandt Quotes
Anthony Burgess Quotes
Anthony Crosland Quotes
Anthony de Mello Quotes
Anthony Delano Quotes
Anthony Henley Quotes
Anthony Hope Quotes
Anthony Hope Hawkins Quotes
Anthony Hopkins Quotes
Anthony J. D'Angelo Quotes
Anthony J. D'Angelo; The College Blue Book Quotes
Anthony Jay Quotes
Anthony Lake Quotes
Anthony Norvell Quotes
Anthony Perkins Quotes
Anthony Powell Quotes
Anthony Quinn Quotes
Anthony Robbins Quotes
Anthony Sampson Quotes
Anthony Storr Quotes
Anthony T. Dadovano Quotes
Anthony Trollope Quotes
Antisthenes Quotes
Antoine Arnauld Quotes
Antoine de Rivarol Quotes
Antoine De Saint Exupery Quotes
Antoine De Saint-Exupery Quotes
Antoine de Saint-Exupery (From the Little Prince) Quotes
Antoine de Sainte Exupery Quotes
Antoine Rivarol Quotes
Antoine Saint-Exupery Quotes
Antole France Quotes
Anton Chekhov Quotes
Antonia S. Byatt Quotes
Antonin Artaud Quotes
Antonin Dvorak Quotes
Antonio Banderas Quotes
Antonio Gramsci Quotes
Antonio Machado Quotes
Antonio Porchia Quotes
Antonio Smith Quotes
Anwar el Sadat Quotes
Anwar El-Sadat Quotes
Anwar Sadat Quotes
Anzia Yenerska Quotes
Anzia Yezierska Quotes
Aphra Behn Quotes
Apocalypse Now Quotes
Apocrypha Quotes
Apollo 13 Quotes
Apollo 13 Movie Quotes
Appius Claudius Quotes
Appius Claudius Caecus Quotes
Ara Parasheghian Quotes
Arabella Smith Quotes
Arabian Proverb Quotes
Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Quotes
Arbie M. Dale Quotes
Arch Ward Quotes
Archbishop Derek Worlock Quotes
Archibald Alexander Quotes
Archibald Cox Quotes
Archibald Hodge Quotes
Archibald Macleish Quotes
Archibald Rutledge Quotes
Archibishop of Canterbury Quotes
Archie Lee Moore Quotes
Archimedes Quotes
Aretha Franklin Quotes
Arhtur O'Shanessey Quotes
Arianna Stassinopoulos Quotes
Arie Pencovici Quotes
Ariel and Will Durant Quotes
Aristide Briand Quotes
Aristophanes Quotes
Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Onassis Quotes
Arizona Republic Quotes
Arland Gilbert Quotes
Arlo Guthrie Quotes
Armageddon Quotes
Arnold Bennet Quotes
Arnold Bennett Quotes
Arnold Daly Quotes
Arnold Edinborough Quotes
Arnold Glasgow Quotes
Arnold Glasow Quotes
Arnold H. Glasgow Quotes
Arnold H. Glasow Quotes
Arnold Palmer Quotes
Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
Arnold Toynbee Quotes
Art Buchwald Quotes
Art Denton Quotes
Art Fettig Quotes
Art Linkletter Quotes
Artemus Ward Quotes
Arthur Ashe Quotes
Arthur Baer Quotes
Arthur Bloch Quotes
Arthur Block Quotes
Arthur Brisbane Quotes
Arthur C. Clarke Quotes
Arthur Calwell Quotes
Arthur Christopher Benson Quotes
Arthur Collins Quotes
Arthur Conan Doyle Quotes
Arthur D. Little Quotes
Arthur Davison Ficke Quotes
Arthur E. Morgan Quotes
Arthur F. Corey Quotes
Arthur Godfrey Quotes
Arthur Golden Quotes
Arthur Gordon Quotes
Arthur Gore Quotes
Arthur Hugh Clough Quotes
Arthur James Balfour Quotes
Arthur Koestler Quotes
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. Quotes
Arthur Miller Quotes
Arthur P. Stanley Quotes
Arthur Pine Quotes
Arthur Rimbaud Quotes
Arthur Rubenstein Quotes
Arthur Rubinstein Quotes
Arthur S. Hardy Quotes
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Quotes
Arthur Schnitzler Quotes
Arthur Schomburg Quotes
Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes
Arthur Somers Rache Quotes
Arthur Stanley Eddington Quotes
Arthur Symons Quotes
Arthur Train Quotes
Arthur W. Newcomb Quotes
Arthur Weasley, Harry Potter Quotes
Arthur Williams Quotes
Arthur Winter Quotes
Artur Schnabel Quotes
Arturo Toscanini Quotes
Ashleigh (Ellwood) Brilliant Quotes
Ashleigh Brilliant Quotes
Ashley Montag Quotes
Ashley Montagu Quotes
Ashvaghosha Quotes
Asoka Quotes
Assyrian Proverb Quotes
Athenaeus Quotes
Atwell Quotes
Auberon Waugh Quotes
Aubrey Beardsley Quotes
Aubrey Menen Quotes
Audre Lorde Quotes
Audrey Giorgi Quotes
Audrey Hepburn Quotes
Aughey Quotes
August and Julius Hare Quotes
August Heckscher Quotes
August Strindberg Quotes
August Wilhelm Von Schlegel Quotes
Augusta E. Rundell Quotes
Augusta Jane Evans Quotes
Auguste Comte Quotes
Auguste Renoir Quotes
Auguste Rodin Quotes
Augustine Quotes
Augustine Birrell Quotes
Augustine J. Duganne Quotes
Augustine Saint Quotes
Augusto Roa Bastos Quotes
Augustus Hare Quotes
Auntie Em; Wizard of Oz Quotes
Auson Quotes
Austin Dobson Quotes
Austin Farrar Quotes
Austin Igleheart Quotes
Austin O'Malley Quotes
Australian Aboriginal Proverb Quotes
Authine Steinbeck Quotes
Author Unknown Quotes
Ava Gardner Quotes
Avery Brooks Quotes
Axel Munthe Quotes
Ayn Rand Quotes
Azarias Quotes
Azel Backus Quotes