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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "D"

D A Benton Quotes
D. D. Field Quotes
D. H. Lawrence Quotes
D. Morgan Quotes
D. T. Niles Quotes
D.H. Lawrence Quotes
D'Alembert Quotes
Dag Hammarskjold Quotes
Dag Hammerskjvld Quotes
Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjold Quotes
Dagobert D. Runes Quotes
Dagobert Runes Quotes
Daisaku Ikeda Quotes
Daisetz T. Suzuki Quotes
Daisy Ashford Quotes
Daisy Bates Quotes
Dalai Lama Quotes
Dale Carnegie Quotes
Dale Turner Quotes
Dame Barbara Ward Quotes
Dame Edith Evans Quotes
Dame Edith Sitwell Quotes
Dame Edna Everage Quotes
Dame Ethel Smyth Quotes
Dame Flora Robson Quotes
Dame Margot Fonteyn Quotes
Dame Mary Gilmore Quotes
Dame Sybil Hathaway Quotes
Damien Cannon Quotes
Damon Runyan Quotes
Damon Runyon Quotes
Dan Bell Quotes
Dan Cruickshank Quotes
Dan Devine Quotes
Dan Dierdorf Quotes
Dan Greenburg Quotes
Dan Kennedy Quotes
Dan Mckinnon Quotes
Dan O'Brien Quotes
Dan Parker Quotes
Dan Quayle Quotes
Dan Rather Quotes
Dan Snow Quotes
Dan Zadra Quotes
Dana Gillman Rinehart Quotes
Dandemis Quotes
Daniel Boone Quotes
Daniel Burrus Quotes
Daniel C. Gelman Quotes
Daniel Day Lewis Quotes
Daniel Day-Lewis Quotes
Daniel Defoe Quotes
Daniel Depoe Quotes
Daniel Francois Esprit Auber Quotes
Daniel Goleman Quotes
Daniel H. Burnham Quotes
Daniel Heinsius Quotes
Daniel J. Boorstin Quotes
Daniel J(oseph) Boorstin Quotes
Daniel JosephBoorstin Quotes
Daniel Kleppner Quotes
Daniel L. Reardon Quotes
Daniel O'Connell Quotes
Daniel R. Scroggin Quotes
Daniel Readon Quotes
Daniel Schorr Quotes
Daniel Webster Quotes
Daniel Yankelovitch Quotes
Daniele Vare Quotes
Danish Proverb Quotes
Danny Kaye Quotes
Danny Mcgoorty Quotes
Danny Ozark Quotes
Dante Quotes
Dante (Alighieri) Quotes
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Quotes
Dante Rossetti Quotes
Daphne DuMaurier Quotes
Daphne Rose Kingma Quotes
Darcy E. Gibbons Quotes
Dario Fo Quotes
Darius Ogden Mills Quotes
Darrin Weinberg Quotes
Darryl F. Zanuck Quotes
Darryl Somers Quotes
Darwin P. Kingsley Quotes
Dave Attell Quotes
Dave Barry Quotes
Dave Carey Quotes
Dave Del Dotto Quotes
Dave Edison Quotes
Dave Farber Quotes
Dave Johnson Quotes
Dave Letterman Quotes
Dave Matthews Quotes
Dave Platt Quotes
Dave Scott Quotes
Dave Tyson Gentry Quotes
Davenant Quotes
David A. Schmaltz Quotes
David A. Vigilanti Quotes
David Ashley Brewer Quotes
David Augsnurger Quotes
David B. Haight Quotes
David Bailey Quotes
David Ben-Gurion Quotes
David Bissonette Quotes
David Bohm Quotes
David Bower Quotes
David Brinkley Quotes
David Broder Quotes
David Brown Quotes
David Byrne Quotes
David Chambless Quotes
David Cort Quotes
David Cronenberg Quotes
David D. Burns Quotes
David Dinkins Quotes
David Duchovny Quotes
David Dunham Quotes
David Eccles Quotes
David Eddings Quotes
David Fasold Quotes
David Ferrier Quotes
David Friedman Quotes
David Frost Quotes
David Garrick Quotes
David Gilmore Quotes
David Gottesman Quotes
David Grayson Quotes
David Guterson Quotes
David H Comins Quotes
David H. Scott Quotes
David H. Souter Quotes
David Hare Quotes
David Harold Fink Quotes
David Hasslehoff Quotes
David Havard Quotes
David Henry Thoreau Quotes
David Hockney Quotes
David Hume Quotes
David J. Schwartz Quotes
David J. Wolpe Quotes
David Jenkins Quotes
David Joseph Schwartz Quotes
David Kelley Quotes
David Lee Roth Quotes
David Lehman Quotes
David Letterman Quotes
David Livingstone Quotes
David Lloyd George Quotes
David Lodge Quotes
David Lynch Quotes
David M. Heath Quotes
David Mamet Quotes
David Martyn Lloyd-Jones Quotes
David McBride Quotes
David Mccord Quotes
David McCullough Quotes
David Mellor Quotes
David Merzel Quotes
David O. Mckay Quotes
David Ogilvy Quotes
David P. Gardner Quotes
David Packer Quotes
David Pratt Quotes
David R. Gergen Quotes
David Robinson Quotes
David Rockerfeller Quotes
David Sarnoff Quotes
David Schwartz Quotes
David Schwimmer Quotes
David Seabury Quotes
David Searles Quotes
David Shakarian Quotes
David Star Jordan Quotes
David Starr Jordan Quotes
David Steindl-Rast Quotes
David Storey Quotes
David Summers Quotes
David T. Scoates Quotes
David Thomas Quotes
David Tyson Gentry Quotes
David Viscott Quotes
David Weatherford Quotes
David Whittaker Chambers Quotes
David Zucker Quotes
Davie Sheppard Quotes
Davy Crockett Quotes
Dawna Markova Quotes
Dawson Trotman Quotes
De Chateaubriand Quotes
De Delloy Quotes
De Finod Quotes
De Witt Clinton Quotes
Dead Poets Society Quotes
Dean Acheson Quotes
Dean Briggs Quotes
Dean Charles R. Brown Quotes
Dean Dauger Quotes
Dean Koontz Quotes
Dean Martin Quotes
Dean McLaughlin Quotes
Dean Rusk Quotes
Dean Smith Quotes
Dean William R. Inge Quotes
Deane Jordan Quotes
Debbie Fields Quotes
Deborah Boliver Boehm Quotes
Deborah Kerr Quotes
Deborah Meier Quotes
Deborah Tannen Quotes
Debra Winger Quotes
Deciderius Erasmus Quotes
Decimus Magnus Ausonius Quotes
Decouvertes Quotes
Dee W. Hock Quotes
Deejay Miller Quotes
Deepak Chopra Quotes
Deepak K. Chopra Quotes
Delbert Mcclinton Quotes
Delmore Schwartz Quotes
Delsarte Quotes
Demi Moore Quotes
Democritus Quotes
Demosthenes Quotes
Deng Ming-Dao Quotes
Denis De Rougamont Quotes
Denis Diderot Quotes
Denis Donoghue Quotes
Denis E. Brogan Quotes
Denis E. Waitley Quotes
Denis Healey Quotes
Denis Leary Quotes
Denis Waitley Quotes
Denise McCluggage Quotes
Denise Shekerjian Quotes
Dennis A. Peer Quotes
Dennis Brown Quotes
Dennis Deaton Quotes
Dennis Fakes Quotes
Dennis Frakes Quotes
Dennis Franz Quotes
Dennis Gabor Quotes
Dennis Gunton Quotes
Dennis Hopper Quotes
Dennis Kimbro Quotes
Dennis Miller Quotes
Dennis Ogilvie Quotes
Dennis Prager Quotes
Dennis Rainey Quotes
Dennis Ritchie Quotes
Dennis Rodman Quotes
Dennis the Menace Quotes
Denny McDonough Quotes
Denzel Washington Quotes
Derek Bethune Quotes
Derek Curtis Bok Quotes
Derek Jarman Quotes
Derek Walcott Quotes
Derek Wall Quotes
Derrick Harge Quotes
Descartes Quotes
Desiderius Erasmus Quotes
Desmond Bagley Quotes
Desmond Morris Quotes
Desmond Tutu Quotes
Detronius Arbiter Quotes
Dexter Yager Quotes
Dhammapada Quotes
Di Cavour Quotes
Dialog Brochure Quotes
Diamanda Galas Quotes
Diamond Sutra Quotes
Diana Black Quotes
Diana Nyad Quotes
Diana Rankin Quotes
Diana Robinson Quotes
Diana Ross Quotes
Diana Scharf Hunt Quotes
Diane Ackerman Quotes
Diane Arbus Quotes
Diane Bauer Quotes
Diane Collins, teacher, inspirational writer Quotes
Diane Sawyer Quotes
Diane Sollee Quotes
Dianna Booher Quotes
Dianne Feinstein Quotes
Dick Armey Quotes
Dick Cavett Quotes
Dick Clark Quotes
Dick Gregory Quotes
Dick Martin Quotes
Dick Motta Quotes
Dick Munro Quotes
Dick Young Quotes
Diesel Quotes
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau Quotes
Dilys Laing Quotes
Dinah Craik Quotes
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik Quotes
Dinah Mulock Craik Quotes
Dinah Shore Quotes
Diogenes Quotes
Diogenes Athe Cynic Quotes
Diogenes Laertius Quotes
Diogenes of Sinope Quotes
Dionysius Cato Quotes
Dionysius of Halicarnassus Quotes
Dionysius The Areopagite Quotes
Dirk Bogarde Quotes
Dirty Harry Quotes
Disraeli Quotes
Dixie Lee Ray Quotes
Dizzy Dean Quotes
Djuna Barnes Quotes
Dobie Gillis Quotes
Doc Childre Quotes
Doctrine & Covenants Quotes
Dodie Smith Quotes
Dogen Quotes
Dogen Zenji Quotes
Dolly Parton Quotes
Dolores Ibarruri Quotes
Dom H. Camara Quotes
Don Alan Pennebaker Quotes
Don Campbell Quotes
Don Delillo Quotes
Don Drysdale Quotes
Don G. Mitchell Quotes
Don Galer Quotes
Don Henley Quotes
Don Herold Quotes
Don Hirschberg Quotes
Don Hutson Quotes
Don Johnson Quotes
Don Knuth Quotes
Don Marquis Quotes
Don Mattingly Quotes
Don Pedro Quotes
Don Piatt Quotes
Don Quijote Quotes
Don Quinn Quotes
Don Rose Quotes
Don Shula Quotes
Don Stanford Quotes
Donald Bullock Quotes
Donald Curtis Quotes
Donald D. Quinn Quotes
Donald Dowes Quotes
Donald Downes Quotes
Donald Fagen Quotes
Donald G. Smith Quotes
Donald Gardner Quotes
Donald H. McGannon Quotes
Donald Harington Quotes
Donald J. Adams Quotes
Donald Kendall Quotes
Donald Laird Quotes
Donald McGannon Quotes
Donald R. Marquis Quotes
Donald Robert Perry Marquis Quotes
Donald Rumsfeld Quotes
Donald Sinden Quotes
Donald Smith Quotes
Donald Trump Quotes
Donatus Quotes
Donna Harrison Quotes
Donna Hedges Quotes
Donna Roberts Quotes
Donny Osmond Quotes
Dora Russell Quotes
Doris Day Quotes
Doris Fleeson Quotes
Doris Lessing Quotes
Doris Mortman Quotes
Doris Wild Helmering Quotes
Dorothea Brande Quotes
Dorothea Kent Quotes
Dorothea Lange Quotes
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Quotes
Dorothy Day Quotes
Dorothy Debolt Quotes
Dorothy Dix Quotes
Dorothy Fulheim Quotes
Dorothy H. Rath Quotes
Dorothy Kilgallen Quotes
Dorothy L. Sayers Quotes
Dorothy Miller Richardson Quotes
Dorothy Parker Quotes
Dorothy Riera Quotes
Dorothy Rothschild Parker Quotes
Dorothy Sarnoff Quotes
Dorothy Serrity Quotes
Dorothy Thompson Quotes
Dorothy Uhnak Quotes
Dostoevsky Quotes
Dottie Walters Quotes
Doug Evelyn Quotes
Doug Floyd Quotes
Doug Gwyn Quotes
Doug Horton Quotes
Doug King Quotes
Doug Larson Quotes
Doug Malouf Quotes
Douglas Engelbart Quotes
Douglas Everett Quotes
Douglas Fairbanks Quotes
Douglas Hofstadter Quotes
Douglas Hurd Quotes
Douglas Jerold Quotes
Douglas Jerrold Quotes
Douglas Lurtan Quotes
Douglas Macarthur Quotes
Douglas Malloch Quotes
Douglas Murray Mcgregor Quotes
Douglas Noel Adams Quotes
Douglas Pagels Quotes
Douglas Pike Quotes
Douglas William Jerrold Quotes
Douglas Yates Quotes
Dr Edward Mayhew Quotes
Dr Megan Reik Quotes
Dr. A. B. Meldrum Quotes
Dr. Albert Hofmann Quotes
Dr. Alex Carrel Quotes
Dr. Allan Fromme Quotes
Dr. Alsaker Quotes
Dr. Armand Hammer Quotes
Dr. Beverly Crusher Quotes
Dr. C. E. Welch Quotes
Dr. Carlos P. Romulo Quotes
Dr. Charles Edwards Quotes
Dr. Dale E. Turner Quotes
Dr. Emmit Fox Quotes
Dr. Eugene Swearingen Quotes
Dr. Frederick Tilney Quotes
Dr. Gregory Quotes
Dr. Henker Quotes
Dr. Howard Murphy Quotes
Dr. Irwin Sarason Quotes
Dr. James C. Dobson Quotes
Dr. James Walsh Quotes
Dr. Jean Hanson Quotes
Dr. Jerome Brunner Quotes
Dr. Jess Lair Quotes
Dr. Joel J. Nobel Quotes
Dr. John G. Hibben Quotes
Dr. Jonas Salk Quotes
Dr. Joyce Brothers Quotes
Dr. Karl A. Menninger Quotes
Dr. Laurence J. Peter Quotes
Dr. Leo Bucaglia Quotes
Dr. Leo Troy Quotes
Dr. M. Scott Peck Quotes
Dr. Marcus Bach Quotes
Dr. Mark Skousen Quotes
Dr. Michael B. Shimkin Quotes
Dr. Porsche Quotes
Dr. Richard Selzer Quotes
Dr. Robert Anthony Quotes
Dr. Samuel Johnson Quotes
Dr. Seuss Quotes
Dr. Sharpe Quotes
Dr. Stephen Bavolek Quotes
Dr. Tim Kimmel, author of Grace Based Parenting Quotes
Dr. Viktor E. Frankl Quotes
Dr. Walter Smith Quotes
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Quotes
Dr. White Quotes
Dr. Who Quotes
Dr. William Glasser Quotes
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Quotes
Dreams For An Insomniac Quotes
Duane Michals Quotes
Duane Newcomb Quotes
Duchess Abrantes Quotes
Duchess Loelia Quotes
Duchess Prazlin Quotes
Duck Daffy Quotes
Dudley Field Malone Quotes
Dudley Nichols Quotes
Duffy Daugherty Quotes
Duke Ellington Quotes
Duke Gmahle Quotes
Duke of Buckingham Quotes
Duke of Wellington Quotes
Duke of Wellington Arthur Wellesley Quotes
Dumas The Younger Quotes
Dumb and Dumber Quotes
Dumbledore, Harry Potter Quotes
Duncan Hines Quotes
Dustin Hoffman Quotes
Dutch Proverb Quotes
Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
Dwight David Eisenhower Quotes
Dwight L. Moody Quotes
Dylan McDermott Quotes
Dylan Thomas Quotes