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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "N"

N. F. Simpson Quotes
N. H. Moos Quotes
N. P. Willis Quotes
N.J. Rubenking Quotes
Nachmanides, 12th Century Quotes
Nadia Boulanger Quotes
Nadia Comaneci Quotes
Nadine Gordimer Quotes
Nadine Gramling Quotes
Nadine Stair Quotes
Nagarjuna Quotes
Naguib Mahfouz Quotes
Nahum Tate Quotes
Nan Fairbrother Quotes
Nanci Griffith Quotes
Nancy Banks Smith Quotes
Nancy Drew Quotes
Nancy Friday Quotes
Nancy Gibbs Quotes
Nancy Kerrigan Quotes
Nancy Long Quotes
Nancy Parker Brummett Quotes
Nancy Reagan Quotes
Nancy Simms Quotes
Nancy Sproat Quotes
Nancy Thayer Quotes
Nancy Zi Quotes
Nanette Newman Quotes
Naomi Mitchison Quotes
Naomi Weisstein Quotes
Naomi Wolf Quotes
Napolean Quotes
Napolean Hill Quotes
Napoleon Quotes
Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
Napoleon Dynamite Quotes
Napoleon Hill Quotes
Napoleon I Quotes
Napoleon III Quotes
Nashua Cavalier Quotes
Natalie Clifford Barney Quotes
Natalie Goldberg Quotes
Natasha Josefowitz Quotes
Nathalie Sarraute Quotes
Nathan C. Schaeffer Quotes
Nathan Hale Quotes
Nathanael Greene Quotes
Nathanael West Quotes
Nathaniel Borenstein Quotes
Nathaniel Branden Quotes
Nathaniel Cotton Quotes
Nathaniel Emmons Quotes
Nathaniel Hawthorne Quotes
Nathaniel Howe Quotes
Nathaniel Lee Quotes
Nathaniel P. Willis Quotes
National Urban League Slogan Quotes
Native American Proverb Quotes
Native American Saying Quotes
Nawaf Al-Nasir Al-Sabah Quotes
Neal A. Maxwell Quotes
Neil Armstrong Quotes
Neil Gershenfeld Quotes
Neil Kendall Quotes
Neil Kinnock Quotes
Neil Simon Quotes
Neil Young Quotes
Nellie Mcclung Quotes
Nellie Melba Quotes
Nelson Algren Quotes
Nelson Boswell Quotes
Nelson Demille Quotes
Nelson Goodman Quotes
Nelson Henderson Quotes
Nelson Mandela Quotes
Nelson Rockefeller Quotes
Nero Quotes
Nettie Rosenstein Quotes
Never Been Kissed Quotes
Neville Cardus Quotes
Neville Chamberlain Quotes
Neville Kenneth Wran Quotes
New American Bible - John 3:16 (St. Joseph Edition Quotes
New England Proverb Quotes
Newsies Quotes
Newt Gingrich Quotes
Newt Hielscher Quotes
Newton D. Baker Quotes
Nic Quotes
Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes
Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince Quotes
Niccolo Machievelli Quotes
Nicholas Boileau Quotes
Nicholas Breton Quotes
Nicholas Butler Quotes
Nicholas Chamfort Quotes
Nicholas Hilliard Quotes
Nicholas Ling Quotes
Nicholas Negroponte Quotes
Nicholas P. Negroponte Quotes
Nicholas Rowe Quotes
Nicholson Quotes
Nicholson Baker Quotes
Nick Diamos Quotes
Nick Faldo Quotes
Nick Hertl Quotes
Nick Mirov Quotes
Nick Nolte Quotes
Nick Richardson Quotes
Nicol Williamson Quotes
Nicola Abbagnano Quotes
Nicolai A. Berdyaev Quotes
Nicolas Bentley Quotes
Nicolas Boileau Quotes
Nicolas Chamfort Quotes
Nicolas Walter Quotes
Nido Qubein Quotes
Niels Bohr Quotes
Nietzche Evil Quotes
Nigerian Proverb Quotes
Night at the Roxbury, A Quotes
Nikita Ivanovich Panin Quotes
Nikita Khrushchev Quotes
Nikita Kruschev Quotes
Nikki Giovanni Quotes
Nikola Tesla Quotes
Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky Quotes
Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol Quotes
Nikos Kazantzakis Quotes
Ninja Turles Quotes
Nirmal Singh Quotes
Nisami Quotes
Nisandeh Neta Quotes
Nisaragada Ha Maharaj Quotes
Njabulo Ndebele Quotes
No Fear Company Quotes
Noah Webster Quotes
Noam Chomsky Quotes
Noel Coward Quotes
Noelie Alito Quotes
Nolan Bushnell Quotes
Nolan Ryan Quotes
Nonnee Coan Quotes
Nonpareil Quotes
Nora Ephron Quotes
Norbert Wiener Quotes
Nordstrom Employee Manual Quotes
Norm Macdonald Quotes
Norma Shearer Quotes
Norman Allen Quotes
Norman Angell Quotes
Norman Augustine Quotes
Norman Cousins Quotes
Norman D. Vaughan Quotes
Norman Douglas Quotes
Norman Juster Quotes
Norman Lear Quotes
Norman Lindsay Quotes
Norman MacEswan Quotes
Norman Macewan Quotes
Norman Maclean Quotes
Norman Mailer Quotes
Norman O. Brown Quotes
Norman Podhoretz Quotes
Norman R. Augustine Quotes
Norman Schwarzkopf Quotes
Norman Sherry Quotes
Norman Tebbit Quotes
Norman Thomas Quotes
Norman Vincent Peale Quotes
Norse Proverb Quotes
North American Proverb Quotes
Northern Exposure Quotes
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Notebook Quotes
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Novalis Quotes
Novalis Hardenberg Quotes
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