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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "L"

L. A. Coulson Quotes
L. Carte Quotes
L. Frank Baum Quotes
L. G. Elliott Quotes
L. L. Hendren Quotes
L. MacLeod Quotes
L. P. Jacks Quotes
L. R. Powell Quotes
L. Ron Hubbard Quotes
L. Schefer Quotes
L. W. Lockhart Quotes
L.L. Bean Quotes
L'Chiam Quotes
La Harpe Quotes
La Rochefoucald Quotes
La Rochefoucauld Quotes
Laber Quotes
Labyrinth Quotes
Lactantius Quotes
Lactantius Firmianus Quotes
Lady Bird Johnson Quotes
Lady Constance Lytton Quotes
Lady Gregory Quotes
Lady Jane Wilde Quotes
Lady Marguerite Blessington Quotes
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Quotes
Lady Nancy Astor Quotes
Lady R. Russell Quotes
Lady Stella Reading Quotes
Laertius Diogenes Quotes
Lafcadio Hearn Quotes
Lajos Kossuth Quotes
Lamartine Quotes
Lana Turner Quotes
Lance Armstrong Quotes
Lance Morrow Quotes
Lancelot Law Whyte Quotes
Landor Quotes
Lane Frost Quotes
Lane Olinghouse Quotes
Lanes Company Quotes
Langston Hughes Quotes
Lao Tzu Quotes
Lao-Tzu Quotes
Larry Bird Quotes
Larry Brown Quotes
Larry Csonka Quotes
Larry Eisenberg Quotes
Larry Ellison Quotes
Larry Flynt Quotes
Larry King Quotes
Larry Kramer Quotes
Larry Lorenzoni Quotes
Larry Mcmurtry Quotes
Larry McMurty Quotes
Larry Niven Quotes
Larry Reeves Quotes
Larry Speakes Quotes
Larry Wall Quotes
Last of the Mohicans Quotes
Latin proverb Quotes
Latin Proverbs Quotes
Latvian Proverb Quotes
Laura Ashley Quotes
Laura Ingalls Wilder Quotes
Laura Palmer Quotes
Laura Peyton Roberts Quotes
Laura Riding Quotes
Laura Schesslinger Quotes
Laurel Cutler Quotes
Lauren Bacall Quotes
Lauren Rothchild Quotes
Laurence Hope Quotes
Laurence Hope Nicolson Quotes
Laurence J. Peter Quotes
Laurence Joseph McGinley Quotes
Laurence Leamer Quotes
Laurence Lee Quotes
Laurence Olivier Quotes
Laurence Sterne Quotes
Laurens Van der Post Quotes
Laurie Anderson Quotes
Laurie E. Colwin Quotes
Laurie Kuslansky Quotes
Lauro Cavazos Quotes
Lauter Quotes
Lavina Christensen Fugal Quotes
Lawrence Bixby Quotes
Lawrence Clark Powell Quotes
Lawrence D. Bell Quotes
Lawrence Downs Quotes
Lawrence Durrell Quotes
Lawrence George Durrell Quotes
Lawrence J. Peter Quotes
Lawrence Kubie Quotes
Lawrence Oates Quotes
Layman Beecher Quotes
Lazarus Long Quotes
Le Corbusier Quotes
Le Monde Quotes
Le Roi Jones Quotes
Le Sage Quotes
League of Their Own, A Quotes
Learned Hand Quotes
Lebanese Proverb Quotes
Lech Walesa Quotes
Lee C. Bollinger Quotes
Lee Greenwood Quotes
Lee Iacocca Quotes
Lee Trevino Quotes
Legal Maxim Quotes
Legally Blonde Quotes
Legouve Pere Quotes
Leigh Hunt Quotes
Len Deighton Quotes
Len Wein Quotes
Lena Olin Quotes
Lenny Bruce Quotes
Lenore Coffee Quotes
Lenore Fleischer Quotes
Leo Aikman Quotes
Leo Baeck Quotes
Leo Burnett Quotes
Leo Buscaglia Quotes
Leo C. Rosten Quotes
Leo Durocher Quotes
Leo J. Burke Quotes
Leo Mckern Quotes
Leo Rosenberg Quotes
Leo Rosten Quotes
Leo Stein Quotes
Leo Szilard Quotes
Leo Tolstoy Quotes
Leo XIII Quotes
Leon Battista Alberti Quotes
Leon Blum Quotes
Leon Edel Quotes
Leon Gambetta Quotes
Leon Henderson Quotes
Leon M. Cautillo Quotes
Leon R. Yankwich Quotes
Leon Trotsky Quotes
Leon Uris Quotes
Leona Helmsley Quotes
Leonard Barnes Quotes
Leonard Bernstein Quotes
Leonard Brandwein Quotes
Leonard Cohen Quotes
Leonard H. Robbins Quotes
Leonard Hodgson Quotes
Leonard Louis Levinson Quotes
Leonard Neal Quotes
Leonard Orr Quotes
Leonard Read Quotes
Leonardo Da Vinci Quotes
Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes
Leonardo Sciascia Quotes
Leontyne Price Quotes
Leopold Stokowski Quotes
Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch Quotes
Leroy ''Satchel'' Paige Quotes
Leroy Brownlow Quotes
Leroy Burrell Quotes
Leroy Jack Syrop Quotes
Leroy Van Dyke Quotes
Les Brown Quotes
Les Claypool Quotes
Les Dawson Quotes
Les Giblin Quotes
Les Miserables Quotes
Les Murray Quotes
Les Williams Quotes
Lesley Conger Quotes
Lesley P. Hartley Quotes
Leslie A. White Quotes
Leslie Caron Quotes
Leslie Fiedler Quotes
Leslie Grossman Quotes
Leslie Jeanne Sahler Quotes
Leslie Lamport Quotes
Leslie P. Hartley Quotes
Leslie Parrish-Bach Quotes
Leslie Stephen Quotes
Leslie Wexner Quotes
Lester Bangs Quotes
Lester Piggott Quotes
Leszczynski Stanislaus Quotes
Letitia Elizabeth Landon Quotes
Letitia Landon Quotes
Letty Cottin Pogrebin Quotes
LeVar Burton Quotes
Lew Wallace Quotes
Lewis Carrol Quotes
Lewis Carroll Quotes
Lewis Carroll's memorial stone lying in Westminste Quotes
Lewis Cass Quotes
Lewis E. Lawes Quotes
Lewis Grizzard Quotes
Lewis H. Lapham Quotes
Lewis L Dunnington Quotes
Lewis L. Lewisohn Quotes
Lewis Lehr Quotes
Lewis Mumford Quotes
Lewis Thomas Quotes
Lewis Thompson Quotes
Liam Gallagher Quotes
Liam Neeson Quotes
Liane Cardes Quotes
Liar Liar Quotes
Libbie Fudim Quotes
Libby Houston Quotes
Lido Anthony Iacocca Quotes
Lido Anthony Lee Lacocca Quotes
Liebig Quotes
Life As A House, Movie Quotes
Lillian Carter Quotes
Lillian Hellman Quotes
Lillian Smith Quotes
Lillian Troll Quotes
Lily Tomlin Quotes
Lily Walters Quotes
Lin Yn-tang Quotes
Lin Yu-t'ang Quotes
Lin Yutang Quotes
Lin-Chi Quotes
Lincoln Steffens Quotes
Linda Blandford Quotes
Linda Bowles, political columnist Quotes
Linda Ellerbee Quotes
Linda Evangelista Quotes
Linda Festa Quotes
Linda Grant Quotes
Linda Thompson Quotes
Linda Thomson Quotes
Linus Quotes
Linus Pauling Quotes
Linus Torvalds Quotes
Lion King, The Quotes
Lionel Abel Quotes
Lionel Kauffman Quotes
Lionel Richie Quotes
Lionel Strachey Quotes
Lionel Trilling Quotes
Lisa Alther Quotes
Lisa Hoffman Quotes
Lisa Moriyama Quotes
Lisa Simpson Quotes
Lisa St. Aubin De Teran Quotes
Little Richard Quotes
Liu Shao-ch'i Quotes
Liv Tyler Quotes
Liv Ullmann Quotes
Livy Quotes
Liz Smith Quotes
Liza Minnelli Quotes
Llewellyn Miller Quotes
Llewelyn Powys Quotes
Lloyd C. Douglas Quotes
Lloyd de Mause Quotes
Lloyd Jones Quotes
Logan P. Smith Quotes
Logan Pearsall Smith Quotes
Logan Persall Smith Quotes
Lois Horowitz Quotes
Lois L. Kaufman Quotes
Lois McMaster Bujold Quotes
Londo Molari Quotes
London Sunday Correspondent Quotes
Lone Man Quotes
Lonny Starr Quotes
Loomis Quotes
Lope de Vega Quotes
Lord Acton Quotes
Lord Alfred Tennyson Quotes
Lord Baden Powell Quotes
Lord Barnett Quotes
Lord Beaverbrook Quotes
Lord Billingsley Quotes
Lord Boyd Orr Quotes
Lord Buckley Quotes
Lord Burleigh Quotes
Lord Byron Quotes
Lord Chesterfield Quotes
Lord Chief Justice Parker Quotes
Lord Darling Quotes
Lord Denning Quotes
Lord Dewar Quotes
Lord Drewar Quotes
Lord Dunsany Quotes
Lord Edward Fitzgerald Quotes
Lord Ellenborough Quotes
Lord Essex Quotes
Lord Greville Quotes
Lord Harold Caccia Quotes
Lord Henry P. Brougham Quotes
Lord Hood Quotes
Lord Jeffrey Quotes
Lord John Worfin Quotes
Lord Justice Topes Quotes
Lord Kelvin Quotes
Lord Lew Grade Quotes
Lord Longford Quotes
Lord Macaulay Quotes
Lord Mansfield Quotes
Lord Melbourne Quotes
Lord Milverton Quotes
Lord Moulton Quotes
Lord Nelson Quotes
Lord Northcliffe Quotes
Lord of the Rings Quotes
Lord Palmerston Quotes
Lord Percival Quotes
Lord Peter Wimsey Quotes
Lord Quintin Hogg Hailsham Quotes
Lord Raglan Quotes
Lord Rosebery Quotes
Lord Samuel Quotes
Lord Shaftesbury Quotes
Lord Shawcross Quotes
Lord Trent Quotes
Lord Weinstock Quotes
Loren Eiseley Quotes
Loretta Lynn Quotes
Loretta Swit Quotes
Lori Gordon Quotes
lorida Scott Maxwell Quotes
Lorne Sanny Quotes
Lorraine Anderson Quotes
Los Angeles Times Quotes
Lou Ann Walker Quotes
Lou Dorfsman Quotes
Lou Durocher Quotes
Lou Erickson Quotes
Lou Gerstner Quotes
Lou Holtz Quotes
Lou Reed Quotes
Louis A. Allen Quotes
Louis A. Berman Quotes
Louis Agassiz Quotes
Louis Aragon Quotes
Louis Armstrong Quotes
Louis Auchincloss Quotes
Louis B Mayer Quotes
Louis Binstock Quotes
Louis Booker Wright Quotes
Louis Brandeis Quotes
Louis Bromfield Quotes
Louis Claude de St. Martin Quotes
Louis D. Brandeis Quotes
Louis Debonnaire Quotes
Louis Dudek Quotes
Louis E. Boone Quotes
Louis F. Musil Quotes
Louis Gerstner Quotes
Louis J. Halle Quotes
Louis Johannot Quotes
Louis K. Anspacher Quotes
Louis Kossuth Quotes
Louis Kronenberger Quotes
Louis L. Mann Quotes
Louis L'Amour Quotes
Louis Lecoin Quotes
Louis Macneice Quotes
Louis Malle Quotes
Louis Nizer Quotes
Louis Pasteur Quotes
Louis Simpson Quotes
Louis XIV Quotes
Louis XVIII Quotes
Louis-Ferdinand Celine Quotes
Louisa May Alcott Quotes
Louise Beal Quotes
Louise Bernikow Quotes
Louise Bogan Quotes
Louise Driscoll Quotes
Louise Erdrich Quotes
Louise Hay Quotes
Louise Imogen Guiney Quotes
Louise Kapp Howe Quotes
Louise L. Hay Quotes
Louise May Quotes
Louise Nevelson Quotes
Lowell Thomas Quotes
Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle Quotes
Luc De Clapiers Quotes
Luc de Clapiers Vauvenargues Quotes
Lucan Quotes
Lucian Quotes
Luciano Berio Quotes
Luciano Pavarotti Quotes
Lucille Ball Quotes
Lucille S. Harper Quotes
Lucinda Basset Quotes
Lucius Annaeus Seneca Quotes
Lucius C. Falkland Quotes
Lucius C. Lactantius Quotes
Lucretius Quotes
Lucy Benington Quotes
Lucy Ellman Quotes
Lucy Larcom Quotes
Lucy Lawless Quotes
Ludwig Borne Quotes
Ludwig Feuerbach Quotes
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Quotes
Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes
Ludwig Van Moses Quotes
Ludwig von Mises Quotes
Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes
Luella F. Phean Quotes
Luigi Pinrandello Quotes
Luigi Pirandello Quotes
Luigi Russolo Quotes
Luis Albert Machado Quotes
Luis Bunuel Quotes
Luis Cernuda Quotes
Luke Mckissack Quotes
Luther Burbank Quotes
Luther Dixon Quotes
Luther Standing Bear Quotes
Lyall Watson Quotes
Lydia M. Child Quotes
Lydia Maria Child Quotes
Lydia Sigourney Quotes
Lyell Rader Quotes
Lyle Lovett Quotes
Lyman Abbott Quotes
Lyman Beecher Quotes
Lyman Frank Baum Quotes
Lyman L. Bryson Quotes
Lyman Lloyd Bryson Quotes
Lyn St. James Quotes
Lynard Skynard Quotes
Lynda Barry Quotes
Lyndon B. Johnson Quotes
Lyndon Baines Johnson Quotes
Lynn Barber Quotes
Lynn Jennings Quotes
Lynn Lavner Quotes
Lynn M. Little Quotes
Lynn Swann Quotes
Lynwood L. Giacomini Quotes
Lysander Spooner Quotes
Lyster Quotes
Lytton Strachey Quotes