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Quotable Authors Beginning with "R"

R A Dickson Quotes
R Bach Quotes
R Buckminster Fuller Quotes
R. A. Knox Quotes
R. A. Lafferty Quotes
R. A. Pinker Quotes
R. Baker Quotes
R. Brokhoff Quotes
R. Buckminster Fuller Quotes
R. C. Allen Quotes
R. C. Ferguson Quotes
R. C. Sproul Quotes
R. D. Laing Quotes
R. Drabek Quotes
R. E. McMaster Quotes
R. E. Shay Quotes
R. Emmett Tyell Quotes
R. Foreman Quotes
R. Foster Winans Quotes
R. Geis Quotes
R. H. Blyth Quotes
R. H. Delaney Quotes
R. H. Grant Quotes
R. H. Hutton Quotes
R. I. Fitzhenry Quotes
R. J. Baughan Quotes
R. K. Bergethon Quotes
R. L. Gregory Quotes
R. M. Baumgardy Quotes
R. M. Grenon Quotes
R. P. C. Hanson Quotes
R. Pocock Quotes
R. Porson Quotes
R. S. Donnell Quotes
R. S. Storrs Quotes
R. S. Surtees Quotes
R. S. White Quotes
R. Scott Richards Quotes
R. Shannon Quotes
R. Southwell Quotes
R. Turnbull Quotes
R. V. G. Tasker Quotes
R. Venning Quotes
R. W. ''Tiny'' Rowland Quotes
R. W. Dale Quotes
R. W. Johnson Quotes
R. W. Plagge Quotes
R. W. Riis Quotes
R. Waldo Emerson Quotes
R. Waters Quotes
R.D. Clyde Quotes
R.D. Cumming Quotes
R.J. Baughan Quotes
R.P.T. Coffin Quotes
Rabbi Ben Azai Quotes
Rabbi H. Schachtel Quotes
Rabbi Harold S. Kushner Quotes
Rabbi Hillel Quotes
Rabbi J. Gordon Quotes
Rabbi Julins Gordon Quotes
Rabindranath Quotes
Rabindranath Tagore Quotes
Rachel Carson Quotes
Rachel Manor Quotes
Radar O'Reilly Quotes
Rafael Sabatini Quotes
Rafikki Quotes
Rahel Quotes
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Quotes
Rain Man Quotes
Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes
Rajneesh Quotes
Ralph Archbold Quotes
Ralph B. Perry Quotes
Ralph Blum Quotes
Ralph Boston Quotes
Ralph Bunche Quotes
Ralph Charell Quotes
Ralph Connor Quotes
Ralph Cordiner Quotes
Ralph Ellison Quotes
Ralph Gerard Quotes
Ralph Harper Quotes
Ralph Hodgson Quotes
Ralph J. Cudworth Quotes
Ralph L. Woods Quotes
Ralph Lauren Quotes
Ralph Marston Quotes
Ralph McGill Quotes
Ralph Nadar Quotes
Ralph Nader Quotes
Ralph Parlett Quotes
Ralph Ransom Quotes
Ralph Richardson Quotes
Ralph W. Sockman Quotes
Ralph W. Stockman Quotes
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes
Ralph Waldo Emmerson Quotes
Ralph Waldo Trine Quotes
Ram Dass Quotes
Ramakrishna Quotes
Ramana Maharshi Quotes
Ramayana Quotes
Rambler Quotes
Rami Belson Quotes
Ramona E.F. Arnett Quotes
Ramona L. Anderson Quotes
Ramsey Clark Quotes
Randall Cunningham Quotes
Randall Hall Quotes
Randolph Churchill Quotes
Randolph Ray Quotes
Randolph S. Bourne Quotes
Randy Read Quotes
Ransom K. Ferm Quotes
Raoul De Sales Quotes
Raoul Vaneigem Quotes
Raquel Welch Quotes
Rat Race Quotes
Raupach Quotes
Ray Bandy Quotes
Ray Bedard Quotes
Ray Bradbury Quotes
Ray Charles Quotes
Ray D. Everson Quotes
Ray Floyd Quotes
Ray Knight Quotes
Ray Kroc Quotes
Ray Prince Quotes
Ray Stevens Quotes
Raymond Aron Quotes
Raymond B. Fosdick Quotes
Raymond Berry Quotes
Raymond Chandler Quotes
Raymond G. Swing Quotes
Raymond Herzog Quotes
Raymond Hitchcock Quotes
Raymond Holliwell Quotes
Raymond Hull Quotes
Raymond Radiguet Quotes
Raymond Spruance Quotes
Raymond Williams Quotes
Readers Digest Quotes
Real Genius Quotes
Reality Bites Quotes
Rebecca Falls Quotes
Rebecca Harding Davis Quotes
Rebecca M. Pippert Quotes
Rebecca West Quotes
Rechell Quotes
Red Auerbach Quotes
Red Blaik Quotes
Red Skelton Quotes
Redd Foxx Quotes
Reggie Jackson Quotes
Reggie Leach Quotes
Reggie Miller Quotes
Regina Nadelson Quotes
Reginald B. Mansell Quotes
Reginald Blyth Quotes
Reinhold Niebuhr Quotes
Remember the Titans Quotes
Remy de Gourmont Quotes
Rena Harmon Quotes
Renata Adler Quotes
Rene Carayol Quotes
Rene Char Quotes
Rene Coty Quotes
Rene Daumal Quotes
Rene Decartes Quotes
Rene Descartes Quotes
Rene Dubos Quotes
Rene Magritte Quotes
Rene Mcpherson Quotes
Rene Russo Quotes
Renee Repound Quotes
Renee Winegarten Quotes
Replacements, The Quotes
Return of the Jedi Quotes
Rev Smith Quotes
Rev. Al Sharpton Quotes
Rev. Dale Turner Quotes
Rev. Ivan Stang Quotes
Rev. John Wellesly Quotes
Rev. Michael Burry Quotes
Rev. Randall R. Mcbride Jr. Quotes
Rev. Sydney Smith Quotes
Rev. W. A. Spooner Quotes
Reverend Larry Lorenzoni Quotes
Rex Harrison Quotes
Rex Steven Sikes Quotes
Rex Stout Quotes
Reynolds Price Quotes
Rhea Olsen Quotes
Rhonda Boozer Quotes
Rich Cook Quotes
Rich Julius Quotes
Rich Pilon Quotes
Richard A. Nelson Quotes
Richard Adams Quotes
Richard Aldington Quotes
Richard Armour Quotes
Richard Bach Quotes
Richard Bandler Quotes
Richard Baxter Quotes
Richard Ben Sapir Quotes
Richard Branson Quotes
Richard Brautigan Quotes
Richard Brinsley Sheridan Quotes
Richard Burton Quotes
Richard C. Cushing Quotes
Richard C. Trench Quotes
Richard Carlson Quotes
Richard Catlett Wilkerson Quotes
Richard Cecil Quotes
Richard Chevenix Trench Quotes
Richard Clark Quotes
Richard Cobden Quotes
Richard Crashaw Quotes
Richard Crawshaw Quotes
Richard Cumberland Quotes
Richard D. Rosen Quotes
Richard David Bach Quotes
Richard Dehmel Quotes
Richard Deupree Quotes
Richard Dreyfuss Quotes
Richard E Krafve Quotes
Richard E. Byrd Quotes
Richard E. Griggs Quotes
Richard Edwardes Quotes
Richard Elwin Spurgeon Quotes
Richard Eyre Quotes
Richard Ford Quotes
Richard Goodwin Quotes
Richard H. Tawney Quotes
Richard Halliburton Quotes
Richard Halverson Quotes
Richard Harding Davis Quotes
Richard Harkness Quotes
Richard Henry Lee Quotes
Richard Henry Stoddard Quotes
Richard Holmes Quotes
Richard Hooker Quotes
Richard Hovey Quotes
Richard Hughes Quotes
Richard I Quotes
Richard J. Daley Quotes
Richard J. Needham Quotes
Richard Jeni Quotes
Richard L. Evans Quotes
Richard Lamm Quotes
Richard Lovelace Quotes
Richard M. DeVos Quotes
Richard Marcinko Quotes
Richard Martin Stern Quotes
Richard Milhouse Nixon Quotes
Richard Mitchell Quotes
Richard Moss Quotes
Richard Needham Quotes
Richard Neville Quotes
Richard Ney Quotes
Richard of Saint Victor Quotes
Richard of Saint-Victor Quotes
Richard P. Feynman Quotes
Richard Petty Quotes
Richard Powers Quotes
Richard Rohr Quotes
Richard Rorty Quotes
Richard Rumbold Quotes
Richard Saunders Quotes
Richard Sibbes Quotes
Richard Steele Quotes
Richard Stine Quotes
Richard Tangye Quotes
Richard Thalheimer Quotes
Richard W. Livingston Quotes
Richard Wagner Quotes
Richard Watson Gilder Quotes
Richard Weaver Quotes
Richard Whately Quotes
Richard Yates Quotes
Rick Hansen Quotes
Rick Pitino Quotes
Rick Shuman Quotes
Ricki Lake Quotes
Ring Lardner Quotes
Ringo Starr Quotes
Rita Coolidge Quotes
Rita Davenport Quotes
Rita Mae Brown Quotes
Rita Rudner Quotes
Rob Cella Quotes
Rob Gilbert Quotes
Rob Stampfli Quotes
Robb Sagendorph Quotes
Robbie Robertson Quotes
Robert Machol Quotes
Robert A. Cook Quotes
Robert A. Heinlein Quotes
Robert A. Humphrey Quotes
Robert Alan Quotes
Robert Allen Quotes
Robert Altman Quotes
Robert Alton Harris Quotes
Robert Anson Heinlein Quotes
Robert Armstrong Quotes
Robert B. Fleming Quotes
Robert B. Reich Quotes
Robert Benchley Quotes
Robert Bianco Quotes
Robert Bierstedt Quotes
Robert Bolt Quotes
Robert Brault Quotes
Robert Bresson Quotes
Robert Bridge Quotes
Robert Bridges Quotes
Robert Briffault Quotes
Robert Browning Quotes
Robert Brustein Quotes
Robert Burchfield Quotes
Robert Burdette Quotes
Robert Burn Quotes
Robert Burns Quotes
Robert Burton Quotes
Robert Buzzell Quotes
Robert Byrne Quotes
Robert C. Byrd Quotes
Robert C. Edwards Quotes
Robert C. Gallagher Quotes
Robert C. Murphy Quotes
Robert Cecil Quotes
Robert Cecil Day-Lewis Quotes
Robert Chapman Quotes
Robert Charles Benchley Quotes
Robert Cialdini Quotes
Robert Clive Quotes
Robert Coles Quotes
Robert Collier Quotes
Robert Collyer Quotes
Robert Conklin Quotes
Robert Coover Quotes
Robert Crandall Quotes
Robert Cringely Quotes
Robert D. Foster Quotes
Robert D. Sprecht Quotes
Robert Dato Quotes
Robert Dodsley Quotes
Robert Doisneau Quotes
Robert Downey Jr. Quotes
Robert E. Lee Quotes
Robert E. Ornstein Quotes
Robert E. Sherwood Quotes
Robert E. Turner Quotes
Robert Eldridge Willmott Quotes
Robert Emmet Quotes
Robert F. Kennedy Quotes
Robert Fitzgerald Quotes
Robert Flaherty Quotes
Robert Francis Kennedy Quotes
Robert Frost Quotes
Robert Fulghum Quotes
Robert G. Ingersoll Quotes
Robert G. Lee Quotes
Robert Gallagher Quotes
Robert Gardner Quotes
Robert Gilfillan Quotes
Robert Goheen Quotes
Robert Graves Quotes
Robert Green Ingersoll Quotes
Robert H. Goddard Quotes
Robert H. Jackson Quotes
Robert H. Parker Quotes
Robert H. Schuller Quotes
Robert H. Shaffer Quotes
Robert Half Quotes
Robert Hall Quotes
Robert Heinlein Quotes
Robert Heller Quotes
Robert Henri Quotes
Robert Herrick Quotes
Robert Herrman Quotes
Robert Hewison Quotes
Robert Holden Quotes
Robert Holman Quotes
Robert Hughes Quotes
Robert Irvine Quotes
Robert J. Mccracken Quotes
Robert J. Mckain Quotes
Robert J. Ringer Quotes
Robert Jacob Goodkin Quotes
Robert Jarvik Quotes
Robert K. Mueller Quotes
Robert Kennedy Quotes
Robert Kennedy Jr. Quotes
Robert L Schwartz Quotes
Robert L. Heilbroner Quotes
Robert L. Kruse Quotes
Robert L. Schwartz Quotes
Robert Lee Frost Quotes
Robert Leighton Quotes
Robert Lindner Quotes
Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson Quotes
Robert Louis Stevenson Quotes
Robert Lowell Quotes
Robert Lynd Quotes
Robert M. Hutchins Quotes
Robert M. Maciver Quotes
Robert M. Pirsig Quotes
Robert Macleod Quotes
Robert Macneil Quotes
Robert Maynard Quotes
Robert Maynard Hutchins Quotes
Robert Mcafee Brown Quotes
Robert McNamara Quotes
Robert Menzies Quotes
Robert Mitchum Quotes
Robert Moffat Quotes
Robert Montgomery Quotes
Robert Morley Quotes
Robert Munger Quotes
Robert Newton Anthony Quotes
Robert of Doncaste Quotes
Robert Orben Quotes
Robert Owen Quotes
Robert P. O'Brien Quotes
Robert Pirsig Quotes
Robert Pollok Quotes
Robert Powell Quotes
Robert Quillen Quotes
Robert R. Young Quotes
Robert Redford Quotes
Robert Runcie Quotes
Robert S. Hillyer Quotes
Robert S. Lund Quotes
Robert S. Surtees Quotes
Robert Schuller Quotes
Robert Schumann Quotes
Robert Smith Quotes
Robert Southey Quotes
Robert Stone Quotes
Robert Strauss Quotes
Robert Stuberg Quotes
Robert T. Morris Quotes
Robert Tanner Quotes
Robert Thibodeau Quotes
Robert Towne Quotes
Robert Townsend Quotes
Robert Updegraff Quotes
Robert W. Sarnoff Quotes
Robert W. Service Quotes
Robert Warshow Quotes
Robert Welch Quotes
Robert Wieder Quotes
Robert Wilensky Quotes
Robert Wilson Quotes
Robert Woodruff Quotes
Robert Zend Quotes
Roberta Flack Quotes
Roberto Clemente Quotes
Roberto Goizueta Quotes
Roberto Rossellini Quotes
Robertson Davies Quotes
Robin G. Collingwood Quotes
Robin Hood: Men in Tights Quotes
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Quotes
Robin Morgan Quotes
Robin St. John Quotes
Robin Williams Quotes
Robin Wood Quotes
Rock Hudson Quotes
Rock, The Quotes
Rocky Aoki Quotes
Rod Laver Quotes
Rod Mckeun Quotes
Rod Serling Quotes
Rod Stewart Quotes
Rodeny Dangerfield Quotes
Rodney Dangerfield Quotes
Rodney King Quotes
Roger Anderson Quotes
Roger Bacon Quotes
Roger Bannister Quotes
Roger Birkman Quotes
Roger Bootle Quotes
Roger Craig Quotes
Roger Daltrey Quotes
Roger Dawson Quotes
Roger Enrico Quotes
Roger G. Imhoff Quotes
Roger L'Estrange Quotes
Roger Lewin Quotes
Roger M'Ckuen Quotes
Roger Maris Quotes
Roger Moore Quotes
Roger Scruton Quotes
Roger Simon Quotes
Roger Smith Quotes
Roger Sperry Quotes
Roger Starr Quotes
Roger Staubach Quotes
Roger Vadim Quotes
Roger Von Oech Quotes
Roger Williams Quotes
Roger Zelazny Quotes
Rogers Quotes
Rogers Gornsby Quotes
Rogers Hornsby Quotes
Rogers Willson Quotes
Roland Barthes Quotes
Roland Stahler Quotes
Rolf Hochhuth Quotes
Rollie Geiger Quotes
Rollo May Quotes
Romain Rolland Quotes
Roman Gary Quotes
Roman Maxim Quotes
Roman Polanski Quotes
Romana L. Anderson Quotes
Romana Machado Quotes
Romanian Proverb Quotes
Ron Artest Quotes
Ron Brown Quotes
Ron Jaworski Quotes
Ron Todd Quotes
Ron Wood Quotes
Rona Barrett Quotes
Rona Jaffe Quotes
Ronald Alan Weiss Quotes
Ronald David Laing Quotes
Ronald Dunn Quotes
Ronald E. Osborn Quotes
Ronald Knox Quotes
Ronald Reagan Quotes
Ronald Segal Quotes
Ronald Spark Quotes
Ronald Wilson Reagan Quotes
Ronald Wright Quotes
Ronnie Milsap Quotes
Ronnie Nijmeh Quotes
Ronnie Shakes Quotes
Rooser Reeves Quotes
Rory Bremner Quotes
Rosa Luxemburg Quotes
Rosa Parks Quotes
Rosalind Coward Quotes
Rosalyn Sussman Quotes
Rosamond Lehmann Quotes
Rose Blumkin Quotes
Rose Dorothy Franken Quotes
Rose F. Kennedy Quotes
Rose Franken Quotes
Rose Kennedy Quotes
Rose Macaulay Quotes
Rose Pastor Stokes Quotes
Rose Saperstein Quotes
Rose Stokes Quotes
Rose Tremain Quotes
Rose Walker Quotes
Rose Wilder Lane Quotes
Roseanne Quotes
Roseanne Barr Quotes
Roselle Mercier Montgomery Quotes
Rosenstock Huessy Quotes
Rosie O'Donnell Quotes
Rosie Perez Quotes
Ross MacDonald Quotes
Ross Presser Quotes
Rowan Atkinson Quotes
Rowland Hill Quotes
Roy Ash Quotes
Roy Campanella Quotes
Roy Chapman Andrews Quotes
Roy Croft Quotes
Roy D. Chapin Jr. Quotes
Roy Disney Quotes
Roy E. Moody Quotes
Roy Goodman Quotes
Roy Hattersley Quotes
Roy Innis Quotes
Roy Jr. Blount Quotes
Roy L. Hunt Quotes
Roy L. Smith Quotes
Roy Lichtenstein Quotes
Roy Rogers Quotes
Roy Thompson Quotes
Roy W. Walters Quotes
Royall Tyler Quotes
Roz Browne Quotes
Ruben Askew Quotes
Rubye Fields Quotes
Ruckett Quotes
Rudolf Bultmann Quotes
Rudyard Kipling Quotes
Rufus Choate Quotes
Rufus M. Jones Quotes
Ruggiero Ricci Quotes
Rumer Godden Quotes
Rupert Brooke Quotes
Rupert Hughes Quotes
Rupert Murdoch Quotes
Rush Hour Quotes
Rush Hour 2 Quotes
Rush Limbaugh Quotes
Russel Green Quotes
Russel H. Conwell Quotes
Russell (Wayne) Baker Quotes
Russell B. Long Quotes
Russell Bishop Quotes
Russell Green Quotes
Russell H. Ewing Quotes
Russell Hoban Quotes
Russell Lynes Quotes
Russell Watson Quotes
Russian Proverb Quotes
Rusty Berkus Quotes
Rutger Hauer Quotes
Ruth Benedict Quotes
Ruth E. Renkel Quotes
Ruth Gendler Quotes
Ruth Gordon Quotes
Ruth Graham Quotes
Ruth Hubbard Quotes
Ruth Morgan Quotes
Ruth Renkes Quotes
Ruth Ross Quotes
Ruth Smeltzer Quotes
Ruth Smythers Quotes
Ruth Stafford Peale Quotes
Ruth Stout Quotes
Ruth Westheimer Quotes
Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes
Rutherford D. Roger Quotes
Rutherford Platt Quotes
Ruthie Stein Quotes
Rwandan proverb Quotes
Ryokan Quotes
Ryszard Kapuscinski Quotes