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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Quotable Authors Beginning with "M"

M. C. Escher Quotes
M. C. Mcintosh Quotes
M. C. Reed Quotes
M. F. K. Fisher Quotes
M. G. Siriam Quotes
M. Grundler Quotes
M. H. Alderson Quotes
M. K. Gandhi Quotes
M. Kathleen Casey Quotes
M. R. Dehaan Quotes
M. Russell Ballard Quotes
M. Scott Peck Quotes
M. Shawn Cole Quotes
M.C. Escher Quotes
M.G. Siriam Quotes
M.H. Alderson Quotes
Ma-Tsu Quotes
Mac Orlan Quotes
Macaulay Culkin Quotes
Macherbal Quotes
Mack R. Douglas Quotes
Mackenzie King Quotes
Macmillan Magazine Quotes
Madame Belazy Quotes
Madame Chiang Quotes
Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Quotes
Madame de Girardin Quotes
Madame De Lambert Quotes
Madame de Rieux Quotes
Madame DorothT Deluzy Quotes
Madame Guizot Quotes
Madame Marie Curie Quotes
Madame Neckar Quotes
Madeline Bridges Quotes
Madonna Quotes
Mae West Quotes
Maggie Kuhn Quotes
Magic Johnson Quotes
Magnus Gottfried Lichtwer Quotes
Mahalia Jackson Quotes
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Quotes
Mahatma Gandhi Quotes
Mahatma Ghandi Quotes
Mahfouz Naguib Quotes
Maimonides Quotes
Major Kira Nerys Quotes
Mal Pancoast Quotes
Malabar Proverb Quotes
Malayan Proverb Quotes
Malcolm Boyd Quotes
Malcolm Bradbury Quotes
Malcolm Cowley Quotes
Malcolm De Chazal Quotes
Malcolm Forbes Quotes
Malcolm Gladwell Quotes
Malcolm Lowry Quotes
Malcolm Mclaren Quotes
Malcolm Muggeridge Quotes
Malcolm S. Forbes Quotes
Malcolm Stevenson Forbes Quotes
Malcolm Wallop Quotes
Malcolm X Quotes
Malcolm. W. Little Quotes
Malcom de Chazal Quotes
Malcom S. Forbes Quotes
Maltbie D. Babcock Quotes
Mamie Sypert Burns Quotes
Man Ray Quotes
Mandell Creighton Quotes
Mandy Hampton Quotes
Mandy Rice-Davies Quotes
Mangnu Hirschfield Quotes
Manly Hall Quotes
Manton Quotes
Manutius Quotes
Mao Tse-tung Quotes
Mao Zedong Quotes
Marabel Morgan Quotes
Maralyn Polak Quotes
Marc Chagall Quotes
Marc Fumaroli Quotes
Marc Ian Barasch Quotes
Marcel Duchamp Quotes
Marcel Jouhandeau Quotes
Marcel Marceau Quotes
Marcel Masse Quotes
Marcel Pagnol Quotes
Marcel Proust Quotes
Marcelene Cox Quotes
Marcellinus Ammianus Quotes
Marcia Moore Quotes
Marcia Wieder Quotes
Marcus Aelius Aurelius Quotes
Marcus Antonius Quotes
Marcus Aurelias Quotes
Marcus Aurelius Quotes
Marcus Aurelius Antonius Quotes
Marcus Cicero Quotes
Marcus Dolengo Quotes
Marcus Garvey Quotes
Marcus Manilius Quotes
Marcus Spears Quotes
Marcus T. Cicero Quotes
Marcus Tullius Cicero Quotes
Marcus Valerius Martial Quotes
Mare Winningham Quotes
Margaret Anderson Quotes
Margaret Atwood Quotes
Margaret Bonnano Quotes
Margaret Bourke-White Quotes
Margaret Carty Quotes
Margaret Courtney Quotes
Margaret Deland Quotes
Margaret Drabble Quotes
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster Quotes
Margaret Fairless Barber Quotes
Margaret Fuller Quotes
Margaret Halsey Quotes
Margaret J. Wheatley Quotes
Margaret Lee Runbeck Quotes
Margaret M. Fitzpatrick Quotes
Margaret Mead Quotes
Margaret Mitchell Quotes
Margaret of Valois Quotes
Margaret Oliphant Quotes
Margaret Sackville Quotes
Margaret Sanger Quotes
Margaret Thatcher Quotes
Margaret Trudeau Quotes
Margaret Truman Quotes
Margaret Valois Quotes
Margaret Willour Quotes
Margaret Young Quotes
Marge Piercy Quotes
Marge Simpson Quotes
Margo Kaufman Quotes
Margo St. James Quotes
Margot Asquith Quotes
Marguerite de Valois Quotes
Marguerite Duras Quotes
Marguerite Gardiner Blessington Quotes
Marguerite Yourcenar Quotes
Maria Edgeworth Quotes
Maria Mitchell Quotes
Maria Montessori Quotes
Maria Rilke Rainer Quotes
Maria Weston Chapman Quotes
Mariah Carey Quotes
Marian Anderson Quotes
Marian Mountain Quotes
Marian Wright Edelman Quotes
Marianne Moore Quotes
Marianne Williamson Quotes
Mariano Azuela Quotes
Marie Antoinette Quotes
Marie Carmichael Stopes Quotes
Marie Corelli Quotes
Marie Curie Quotes
Marie de Sevigne Quotes
Marie De Vichy-Chamrond Quotes
Marie DeFloris Quotes
Marie Dressler Quotes
Marie E. Eschenbach Quotes
Marie Ebner Von Eschenbach Quotes
Marie Ebner-Eschenbach Quotes
Marie Lloyd Quotes
Marie Louise De La Ramee Quotes
Marie Lovell Quotes
Marie Osmond Quotes
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Quotes
Marie-Antoinette, Queen Quotes
Marilyn Butler Quotes
Marilyn Ferguson Quotes
Marilyn French Quotes
Marilyn Horne Quotes
Marilyn Moats Kennedy Quotes
Marilyn Monroe Quotes
Marina Sirtis Quotes
Marina Tsvetaeva Quotes
Marina Warner Quotes
Mario Andretti Quotes
Mario Cuomo Quotes
Mario Lemieux Quotes
Mario Puzo Quotes
Mario Savio Quotes
Mario Vargas Llosa Quotes
Marion Barry Quotes
Marion D. Hanks Quotes
Marion Javits Quotes
Marion Smith Quotes
Marion Wright Edelman Quotes
Mark Allen Quotes
Mark B. Cohen Quotes
Mark Beltaire Quotes
Mark Brouwer Quotes
Mark Caine Quotes
Mark Fidrych Quotes
Mark Hellinger Quotes
Mark Helprin Quotes
Mark Kennedy Quotes
Mark L. Mika Quotes
Mark Leeper Quotes
Mark Mccormack Quotes
Mark McGee Quotes
Mark Morrison-Reed Quotes
Mark Overby Quotes
Mark Putzke Quotes
Mark Russell Quotes
Mark Rutherford Quotes
Mark Spitz Quotes
Mark Twain Quotes
Mark Van Doren Quotes
Mark Victor Hansen Quotes
Marlene Blaszczyk Quotes
Marlene Dietrich Quotes
Marlo Thomas Quotes
Marlon Brando Quotes
Marmontel Gretry Quotes
Marques De Pombal Quotes
Marquis De Custine Quotes
Marquis de la Grange Quotes
Marquis de Lagrange Quotes
Marquis De Sade Quotes
Marquis De Vauvenargues Quotes
Marquise De STVignT Quotes
Married With Children Quotes
Marsha Norman Quotes
Marsha Sinetar Quotes
Marshall Field Quotes
Marshall Field & Company Quotes
Marshall Lumsden Quotes
Marshall Mcluhan Quotes
Marshall Pugh Quotes
marsjay10 Quotes
Marston Bates Quotes
Martha Gellhorn Quotes
Martha Graham Quotes
Martha Grimes Quotes
Martha Washington Quotes
Martial Quotes
Martin Amis Quotes
Martin Bormann Quotes
Martin Buber Quotes
Martin Buxbaum Quotes
Martin E. P. Seligman Quotes
Martin Farquhar Tupper Quotes
Martin Gore Quotes
Martin H. Fischer Quotes
Martin H. Fisher Quotes
Martin Heidegger Quotes
Martin Henry Fischer Quotes
Martin Luther Quotes
Martin Luther King Quotes
Martin Luther King Jr Quotes
Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes
Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes
Martin Mull Quotes
Martin Niemoeller Quotes
Martin Pitt Quotes
Martin Ritt Quotes
Martin Rutte Quotes
Martin Scorsese Quotes
Martin Seligan Quotes
Martin Tupper Quotes
Martin Van Buren Quotes
Martin Zimet Quotes
Martina Hingis Quotes
Martina Navratilova Quotes
Marty Allen Quotes
Marty Bucella Quotes
Marty Feldman Quotes
Marty Ragaway Quotes
Martyn Harris Quotes
Marva Collins Quotes
Marvel Bell Quotes
Marvin Gaye Quotes
Marvin J. Ashton Quotes
Marvin Kitman Quotes
Marvin Minsky Quotes
Marvin S. Levin Quotes
Marvin Traub Quotes
Mary Ann Allison Quotes
Mary Ann Evans Cross Quotes
Mary Ann Kelty Quotes
Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey Quotes
Mary Antin Quotes
Mary Archer Quotes
Mary Astell Quotes
Mary Baker Eddy Quotes
Mary Bertone Quotes
Mary Buckley Quotes
Mary Burns Quotes
Mary C. Crowley Quotes
Mary Caroline Richards Quotes
Mary Carson Quotes
Mary Catherine Bateson Quotes
Mary Chapin Carpenter Quotes
Mary Cholmondeley Quotes
Mary Daly Quotes
Mary Decker Slaney Quotes
Mary Dixon Thayer Quotes
Mary Elizabeth Braddon Quotes
Mary Elizabeth Hewitt Quotes
Mary Engelbreit Quotes
Mary Evans Quotes
Mary F. Butts Quotes
Mary Gardiner Brainard Quotes
Mary Guyette Quotes
Mary Hays Quotes
Mary Heaton Vorse Quotes
Mary Hemingway Quotes
Mary Henle Quotes
Mary Ingraham Bunting Quotes
Mary Jean Iron Quotes
Mary Kay Quotes
Mary Kay Ash Quotes
Mary Little Quotes
Mary Lou Cook Quotes
Mary Lou Retton Quotes
Mary Manin Boggs Quotes
Mary Manin Morrissey Quotes
Mary Mapes Dodge Quotes
Mary Mccarthy Quotes
Mary Mcdowell Quotes
Mary McLeod Bethune Quotes
Mary O'Connor Quotes
Mary P. Poole Quotes
Mary Parker Follett Quotes
Mary Pickford Quotes
Mary Pipher Quotes
Mary Quant Quotes
Mary Renault Quotes
Mary Roberts Rhinehart Quotes
Mary Roberts Rinehart Quotes
Mary S. Almanac Quotes
Mary Schmich Quotes
Mary Stewart Quotes
Mary Stuart Quotes
Mary Todd Lincoln Quotes
Mary Tyler Moore Quotes
Mary Wallstonecraft Quotes
Mary Webb Quotes
Mary Wilson Little Quotes
Mary Wollstonecraft Quotes
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Quotes
Mary Wortley Montagu Quotes
Marya Mannes Quotes
Maryon Pearson Quotes
Marysarah Quinn Quotes
Mason Cooley Quotes
Massaru Ibuka Quotes
Master Kahn Quotes
Mathurin Regnier Quotes
Matrix, The Quotes
Matsuo Basho Quotes
Matt Biondi Quotes
Matt Buttram Quotes
Matt Damon Quotes
Matt Groening Quotes
Matt K Quotes
Matt Zotti Quotes
Matthew 15:14 Quotes
Matthew 28:1-10 NAB Quotes
Matthew Arnold Quotes
Matthew Broderick Quotes
Matthew Hale Quotes
Matthew Henry Quotes
Matthew Perry Quotes
Matthew Prior Quotes
Maulana Jalalu'ddin Rumi Quotes
Maureen Connolly Quotes
Maureen Dowd Quotes
Maureen Duffy Quotes
Maureen Phillips Quotes
Maureen Reagan Quotes
Maurice Baring Quotes
Maurice Blanchot Quotes
Maurice Chevalier Quotes
Maurice Delort Quotes
Maurice Freehill Quotes
Maurice Godelier Quotes
Maurice Maeterlinck Quotes
Maurice Mascaranhas Quotes
Maurice Merleau-Ponty Quotes
Maurice Sendak Quotes
Maurice Setter Quotes
Maurice Switzer Quotes
Max Asnas Quotes
Max Beerbohm Quotes
Max Depree Quotes
Max Eastman Quotes
Max Frisch Quotes
Max Fuller Quotes
Max Gunther Quotes
Max Jacob Quotes
Max Kauffman Quotes
Max L. Forman Quotes
Max L. Lucado Quotes
Max Lerner Quotes
Max Lucado Quotes
Max Muller Quotes
Max Planck Quotes
Max Schmelling Quotes
Max Stirner Quotes
Max Weber Quotes
Maxim Gorky Quotes
Maximilien Robespierre Quotes
Maxwell Bodenheim Quotes
Maxwell Maltz Quotes
May L. Becker Quotes
May Sarton Quotes
May V. Smith Quotes
Maya Angelou Quotes
Maynard James Keenan Quotes
Mayor Jimmy Walker Quotes
Mayor Marion Barry Quotes
Mechthild of Magdenburg Quotes
Mechthild of Magheburg Quotes
Medgar Evers Quotes
Meet The Parents Quotes
Meg Greenfield Quotes
Meg Whitman Quotes
Meher Baba Quotes
Meister Eckhart Quotes
Mel Brooks Quotes
Mel Gibson Quotes
Melanie Clark Quotes
Melissa Etheridge Quotes
Melody Beattie Quotes
Melville D. Landon Quotes
Melvin Maddocks Quotes
Melvin Powers Quotes
Melvin R. Laird Quotes
Memento Quotes
Memoirs of a Geisha Quotes
Men in Black Quotes
Menander Quotes
Menander of Athens Quotes
Mencius Quotes
Mencius (Mengzi Meng-tse) Quotes
Meredith West Quotes
Merelene Cornish Quotes
Meridel Le Sueur Quotes
Merle Crowell Quotes
Merle Shain Quotes
Merle Shan Quotes
Merlin Quotes
Merlin Olsen Quotes
Merrick Furst Quotes
Mervyn Peake Quotes
Meryl Streep Quotes
Meshulam Riklis Quotes
Mexican Proverb Quotes
Mia Hamm Quotes
Michael Allaby Quotes
Michael Apostolius Quotes
Michael Bakunin Quotes
Michael Bridge Quotes
Michael Bruce Quotes
Michael Burke Quotes
Michael C. Cahill Quotes
Michael Caine Quotes
Michael Carr Quotes
Michael Cibenko Quotes
Michael Crichton Quotes
Michael D. Stephens Quotes
Michael Davis Quotes
Michael De Saintamo Quotes
Michael Dorris Quotes
Michael Douglas Quotes
Michael E. Gerber Quotes
Michael Edwardes Quotes
Michael Foot Quotes
Michael Fortin Quotes
Michael Friedsam Quotes
Michael Garrett Marino Quotes
Michael Hanson Quotes
Michael Harrington Quotes
Michael Holmboe Meyer Quotes
Michael Iapoce Quotes
Michael Isenberg Quotes
Michael J. Fox Quotes
Michael J. Gelb Quotes
Michael J. Mccarthy Quotes
Michael Jackson Quotes
Michael Johnson Quotes
Michael Jordan Quotes
Michael Joseph Quotes
Michael Keaton Quotes
Michael Korda Quotes
Michael LeBoeuf Quotes
Michael Leunig Quotes
Michael Levine Quotes
Michael Malone Quotes
Michael Mantell Quotes
Michael Novak Quotes
Michael O'Brien Quotes
Michael Ondaatje Quotes
Michael Phillips Quotes
Michael Pollan Quotes
Michael Pritchard Quotes
Michael Rothschild Quotes
Michael S. Harper Quotes
Michael S. Rosenberg Quotes
Michael Stipe Quotes
Michael Torke Quotes
Michael Vance Quotes
Michael W. Smith Quotes
Michael Wickett Quotes
Michael Winner Quotes
Micheal Macliammoir Quotes
Micheal Mescon Quotes
Michel De Certeau Quotes
Michel de Montaigne Quotes
Michel Eyquem De Montaigne Quotes
Michel Fortin Quotes
Michel Foucault Quotes
Michel Leiris Quotes
Michelangelo Quotes
Michelangelo Buonarroti Quotes
Michelle C. Ustaszeski Quotes
Michelle Mcgann Quotes
Michelle Walker Quotes
Michio Kushi Quotes
Michio Watanabe Quotes
Mick Jagger Quotes
Mickey Mantle Quotes
Mickey Rivers Quotes
Mickey Rooney Quotes
Mickey Rourke Quotes
Midge Decter Quotes
Midori Ito Quotes
Midrash Quotes
Mighty Ducks, The Quotes
Mignon McLaughlin Quotes
Miguel De Cervantes Quotes
Miguel de Unamuno Quotes
Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo Quotes
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Quotes
Mike Adams Quotes
Mike Binder Quotes
Mike Conner Quotes
Mike Ditka Quotes
Mike Dobbertin Quotes
Mike Leavitt Quotes
Mike Murdock Quotes
Mike Penner Quotes
Mike Piazza Quotes
Mike Singletary Quotes
Mike Todd Quotes
Mike Tyson Quotes
Mike Willesee Quotes
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin Quotes
Mikhail Bakunin Quotes
Mikhail Baryshnikov Quotes
Mikhail Gorbachev Quotes
Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev Quotes
Mikhail Strabo Quotes
Milan Kundera Quotes
Milarepa Quotes
Mildmay Quotes
Mildred Barthel Quotes
Mildred Newman Quotes
Milena Jesenska Quotes
Miles Davis Quotes
Miles Franklin Quotes
Millard Drexler Quotes
Millard Fuller Quotes
Millicent Fenwick Quotes
Milman Quotes
Milo Bloom Quotes
Milovan Djilas Quotes
Milton Quotes
Milton Avery Quotes
Milton Berle Quotes
Milton Friedman Quotes
Milton S. Eisenhower Quotes
Milton Stewart Quotes
Mimfa A. Gibson Quotes
Minna Antrim Quotes
Minnie Maddern Fiske Quotes
Minnie Smith Quotes
Mira Sorvino Quotes
Miranda Richardson Quotes
Miriam Robbins Quotes
Mishkat Al-massabaih Quotes
Miss Congeniality Quotes
Miss Manners Quotes
Miss Piggy Quotes
Mission: Impossible Quotes
Mission: Impossible 2 Quotes
Missoulian Quotes
Mistinguett Quotes
Mitch Miller Quotes
Mitch Ratcliffe Quotes
Mitchell Kapor Quotes
Mme. de Sartory Quotes
Mme. Riccoboni Quotes
Mme. Roland Quotes
Moasi Quotes
Mohammed Quotes
Mohandas Gandhi Quotes
Molescholte Quotes
Moliere Quotes
MoliFre Quotes
Molinos Quotes
Molly Haskell Quotes
Molly Ivins Quotes
Molly Keane Quotes
Molly Mcgee Quotes
Molly Ringwald Quotes
Mona Caird Quotes
Monica Seles Quotes
Monsters, Inc Quotes
Monta Crane Quotes
Montagu Butler Quotes
Montaigne Quotes
Montel Williams Quotes
Montesquieu Quotes
Monty Python Quotes
Monty Python and The Holy Grail Quotes
Moorish Proverb Quotes
Morarji Desai Quotes
Mordecai Richler Quotes
Morris Bender Quotes
Morris Fishbein Quotes
Morris Hite Quotes
Morris K. Udall Quotes
Morris L. Ernst Quotes
Morris L. West Quotes
Morris Mandel Quotes
Mort Sahl Quotes
Mortimer Adler Quotes
Mortimer Caplan Quotes
Mortimer Collins Quotes
Morton Hunt Quotes
Moses Hadas, book reviewer Quotes
Moses Malone Quotes
Moshe Dayan Quotes
Moshe Gerstenhaber Quotes
Mother Goose Quotes
Mother Jones Quotes
Mother Teresa Quotes
Mother Therese Quotes
Motto Quotes
Motto of the British Special Air Service Quotes
Moulie Gibril Quotes
Moulin Rouge Quotes
Mourning Dove Quotes
Movie, 10 Things I Hate About You Quotes
Movie, 8 Mile Quotes
Mr.Krabs Quotes
Mrs Hubbard Davis Quotes
Mrs Patrick Campbell Quotes
Mrs. Cunningham Quotes
Mrs. Humphrey Ward Quotes
Mrs. Jameson Quotes
Mrs. Jamieson Quotes
Mrs.Patrick Campbell Quotes
Muhammad Ali Quotes
Muhammad Hijazi Quotes
Muhammed Ali Quotes
Mulan Quotes
Mummy Returns, The Quotes
Mummy, The Quotes
Mumon Quotes
Muppet Treasure Island Quotes
Muriel James Quotes
Muriel Spark Quotes
Murphy's Law Quotes
Murphy's Law's Quotes
Murray Kempton Quotes
Musonnius Quotes
Mychal Wynn Quotes
Myriam Miedzian Quotes
Myrna Jean Johnson Quotes
Myrtle Auvil Quotes
Mystery Men Quotes