Quotemountain.com Famous Quotes It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.
-- Sir Edmund Hillary

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Love is the compass of life.

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May we each find inspiration from our desparation.

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Life is a short but distant journey inward to our soul.

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The short people in my life are the cause of my poor posture.

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A marriage is not so doomed as when the husband is second to her family or she to his.

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Treat all others with the respect they deserve, not with the respect you intend to gain.

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I fear I will tire before I really know myself.

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When two marry, both are making the respectful commitment to put their spouse's needs before all others, including themselves.

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Situational dishonesty may produce a temporary sense of security but will inevitably lead to retrospective regret.

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Even in love, your priorities are rarely as important to someone else as they are to you.

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Lonely is not so lonely when there are two.

When life allows us a break, take the time to enjoy it.

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Be cautious of the immediate beauty you find in each other, When you are both new and undiscovered.

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It is much easier to tear down a sturdy fence than to build one.

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Last night the creative juices were flowing but today I am merely a vast wasteland of random thoughts.

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