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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Liar Liar Quotes

Do you like my new dress?!! Whatever takes the focus off your head!

If I was a boxer, I would bounce those things like Sugar Ray Leonard!

Im kicking my ass!! Do ya mind??

1) Do you have any spare change ? 2) mm-hmmm 1) Could you spare some ? 2) Yes I could ! 1) Will you ? 2)(shakes head )1) Why not ? 2) Because I believe that you will buy booze will it , I just want to get from my car to the office without being hackled by the decaying mass of western society ! ....That , plus I'm cheap!

( on the phone ) Mom !!....I wasn't really on vacation ......Because I didn't want to talk to you !.... Because you insist on talking to me about dad's bowel movements , size , colour and frequency ! I'll call you later.

1)My teacher says real beauty's on the inside. 2)That's just something ugly people say.

1.) What's up Fletcher? 2.) You're cholesterol, fatty! Dead fatty walkin'!

1.) Hey Fletcher. 2.) Hey! You're not important enough to remember!

1: 1..2..3..4..5 and one for good luck! 2: he struck the child.. ya see that?