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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Mummy, The Quotes

1) Why did you kiss me? 2) I was about to be hanged it seemed like a good idea at the time.

You made a new friend, didn't you Benny?

Friendship Quotes

1) Hey ! Hey ! O'connell !!!! Looks to me like I've got all the HORSES !!!!!!!!! 2) Hey Benny !!!! Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the river !!!!!!!!!!

1) And what's the task ? 2) Fly in . Rescue the damsel in distress . Kill the bad guy . Save the world . 1) I say ! Is it dangerous ? 2) Well you probably won't live through it . 1) By Jo , do you really think so ? 3) Well everyone else we've bumped into has perished , why not you ? 1) HA ha ! Whinston ... at you service!

If it ain't my lil' buddy Benny... I think I'll kill you.

We told you to leave or die . You refused . Now yo may have killed us all . For you have unleshed the creature we have feared for more than three thousand years . ........... This creature is the bringer of death . He will never eat . He will never sleep . And he will never..stop.

I know what you're thinking... what is place like me doing in a girl like this?

1) Is he supposed to look like that ? 2) No , I've never seen a muumy look like that .He's still..still... 1&3) JUICEY.

1) The map! The map! I forgot the map! 2) Relax. *I'm* the map. It's all up here. 1) Oh, that's comforting!

No harm ever came from reading a book.

1) You were actually at Hamanaptra ? 2) Yeah I was there 1) Do you swear ? 2) Every damn day.

I believe if I can see it and I can touch it, then it's real. That's what I believe.

1. Oooh. Now I may not be an explorer or a gunfighter, but I am proud of what I am. 2. And... what's that? 1. I am....a librarian. And, I am going to kiss you, Mr. O'Connell.