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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Nisandeh Neta Quotes

'Will' is what creates the energy and courage to create. 'Want,' by itself, just isn't enough.

Birds fly, fish swim and humans create. This is our nature.

At the end of the day, both optimists and pessimists are always right.

Why wait when you can create?

Failure is simply a result that differs from the one you expected.

You can have success now, or you can have it later. It's entirely up to you.

If you're attempting to create something perfect, I have three words of advice for you: Get over it!

Creating success is all about fulfilling or manifesting the purpose for which you were born.

It always amazes me to see people making a decision to never forgive. It's like trying to punish their tormentors by harming themselves.

In order to become good in anything, the only talent you need is motivation.

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things. Success is doing the right things, right, right now.

The shortest way beyond fear is through it.

Fear isn't an excuse to come to a standstill. It's the impetus to step up and strike.

Your anger is like the bubbles in a can of soda. The more you're shaken, the more you want to let it out. The longer you keep it in though, the greater the size of the eventual explosion - and the flatter the drink at the end.

When there's no one to blame and no one to complain to, there's a tremendous sense of potential. If you don't like your life the way it is, then change it.