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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Xuanwu Quotes

Be neither a ravenous wolf nor a timid sheep. Instead, become a disciplined shepherd.

It is Yang's nature to be dominant. It is Yin's nature to be submissive. This is the Way of Nature and to tamper with its order is to invite anarchy.

Women are as capable of deception and violence as males. Previously, society had been designed to help women overcome these base human impulses and elevate them to the honored status of 'lady.' Now society revels in this barbarism as both genders seem to be caught in a devolution.

The only ones who can get away with public displays of affection are beautiful people and you are not beautiful people.

Love Quotes

Hitler was a Socialist, because that is the system that can give a tyrant the most control in the easiest fashion.

A philosophical system that does not assume the existence of unchanging Truth cannot itself be true.

There are skeptics who assert that nothing can be known and that there is no Truth. To the former, I say: 'I think, therefore I am.' To the latter, I say: 'I am my mother's son.' These two statements are proof that there are things that can be known and there are facts that do not change. Thus the position of the skeptics is debunked, and the search for Englightenment may continue.

The end goal of human existence is to achieve Enlightenment. Only then will the suffering caused by 'normal existence' end, as Enlightenment brings with it an abolishing of emotions, thought, and addictions.

Each of the three branches of man's philosophy - science, art, and religion - has a singular purpose: to achieve an understanding of Truth. The difference is in their methodology.

That which allows one to perceive Truth more accurately is 'good.' That which clouds the perceptions is 'bad.'

The first level of existence is unrestrained chaos; expression without purpose. The second is monitored activity; correct behavior only under the threat of the whip. The third level is individual momentum; the pursuit of personal excellence. The fourth level is Enlightenment; the conclusion of life's race and the final attainment of peace.