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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Voltaire Quotes

I know of nothing more laughable than a doctor who does not die of old age.

The world embarrasses me, and I cannot dream that this watch exists and has no watchmaker.

What most persons consider as virtue, after the age of 40 is simply a loss of energy.

The Pope is an idol whose hands are tied and whose feet are kissed.

Verses which do not teach men new and moving truths do not deserve to be read.

A witty saying proves nothing.

It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.

As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.

I know many books which have bored their readers, but I know of none which has done real evil.

God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best.

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In the case of news, we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.

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