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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

English 17th Century Quotes

Keep no more cats than will catch mice. -late 17th

You cannot make bricks without straw. -mid 17th

Everybody's business is nobody's business. -early 17th

A king's chaff is worth more than other men's corn. -early 17th

Blessed are the dead that the rain rains on. -early 17th

Devil take the hindmost. -early 17th

It is better to be born lucky than rich. -mid 17th

Every herring must hang by its own gill. -early 17th

So many mists in March, so many frosts in May. -early 17th

Once a whore, always a whore. -early 17th

Everyone speaks well of the bridge which carries him over. -late 17th

No news is good news. -early 17th

Why buy a cow when milk is so cheap? -mid 17th

Stone-dead hath no fellow. -mid 17th

Beauty is only skin deep. -early 17th