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Tombstone Movie Quotes

We hope you enjoy these quotes from the great western, Tombstone. Kurt Russell (Wyatt Earp) and Val Kilmer (Doc Holliday) portray two western icons who brought law and order to the Gold Rush Town of Tombstone, Arizona featuring the showdown at O.K. Corral. An excellent pick if you have not had the pleasure of watching.

Curly Bill: What'd the Messican mean, a sick horse's gonna get us? Didn't make no sense.
Ringo: He was quoting The Bible, Revelations: Behold a pale horse and the one that sat on him was death and Hell followed with him.

Dake: I see, off to strike it rich, huh. All right, fine, wish you luck. Tell you this though, never was a rich man yet didn't wind up with a guilty conscience.
Wyatt: Already got a guilty conscience, might as well have the money too.

Morgan: I read this book on spiritualism
Virgil: Oh God, here he goes.
Morgan: It said a lot of people, when they're dyin', they see this light, like in a tunnel. They say it's the light leading you to heaven.
Wyatt: Really? What about hell? They got a sign or what?

Doc (To Kate): You're not wearing a bustle. How lewd!

Wyatt: Just wanted to let you know that you're sitting in my chair.
Johnny Tyler: That a fact?
Wyatt: Yeah. It's a fact.
Johnny Tyler: For a man that don't go heeled you run your mouth kinda reckless.
Wyatt: Don't need to go heeled to get the bulge on a dub like you.

Wyatt: Go ahead. Skin it. Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens.

Wyatt: Didn't you always say gambling's an honest trade?
Doc: I said poker's an honest trade. Only suckers buck the tiger. The odds are all with the house.
Wyatt: Depends how you look at it. I mean it's not like anybody's holding a gun to their heads.
Doc: That's what I love about Wyatt. He can talk himself into anything.

Wyatt: But who was the devil?
Morgan: It's that woman from the coach!
Wyatt: Well I'll be damned.
Doc: You may indeed. If you get lucky.

Ike: Listen, Mr. Kansas Law-dog. Law don't go around her. Savvy?

Doc: And you must be Ringo. Look, darling, Johnny Ringo. The deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate him?
Kate: You don't even know him.
Doc: Yes, but there's just something about him. Something around the eyes, I don't know, reminds me of... me. No. I'm sure of it, I hate him.

Cowboy: Hey, is that "Old Dog Tray"? Sounds like "Old Dog Tray".
Doc: What?
Cowyboy: You know, Stephen Foster. Oh, Susanna. "Camptown Races", Stephen-stinkin'-Foster!
Doc: I see, well this happens to be a nocturne.
Cowboy: A which?
Doc: You know, Frederic-f[Bleeping]-Chopin.

Kate: I'm a good woman to you, Doc. Don't I always take care of you? Nobody cares for you like me. I'm a good woman.
Doc: Yes, I know. You are a good woman. Then again, you may be the antichrist.

Ringo: Wretched slugs, don't any of you have the guts to play for blood?
Doc: I'm your huckleberry.

Doc: It seems poker's just not your game, Ike. I know: let's have a spelling contest.

Doc: Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave.

Vermillion: You really look awful.
Doc: Not half as bad as I feel.
Vermillion: Then why the hell're you doin' this? You ought to be in bed.
Doc: Wyatt Earp is my friend.
Vermillion: Hell, I got lot's of friends
Doc: I don't.

Doc: [Wyatt hands him a federal deputy badge but Doc waves it away] You know why I'm here. My hypocrisy only goes so far.

Doc: [After seeing Wyatt knock Swilling down with one blow] It appears he missed an excellent chance to keep his mouth shut.

McMasters: Where's Wyatt?
Doc: Down at the creek. Walking on water.

Ringo: Well, didn't think you had it in you. (smiles and gets ready) Shall we?
Doc: I'm your huckleberry. [As he walks out of the shadows] Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave. Oh, I wasn't quite as sick as I made out.
Ringo: My fight's not with you Holliday.
Doc: I beg to differ. We started a fight we never got to finish. Play for blood, remember?
Ringo: I was only kidding about that.
Doc: I wasn't and this time it's legal. [Shows Ringo his badge]
Ringo: All right lunger, let's do it.
Doc: Say when. [Doc shoots Rings] Come on! Come on! Oh Johnny, you're no daisy. No daisy at all.
Wyatt: [Wyatt appears looking shocked] What happened!?
Doc: Poor soul, he was so high-strung. Afraid the strain was more than he could bear.

Wyatt: All I ever wanted was to live a normal life.
Doc: When will you wake up? You wouldn't know a normal life if it bit you in the ass.
Wyatt: That's great coming from you.
Doc: I played the cards I was dealt, Wyatt. Your problem is you're always trying to play someone else's. Allow me to tell you the truth and thus set you free: There is no happiness, Wyatt there is no normal life. There's only life, that's all. Just life. The rest is relative.
Wyatt: Then what do I do?
Doc: First you can grab that black-haired woman and make her your own.
Wyatt: All right. Then what?
Doc: Run. Take that girl and start running. Run and don't look back. All your life you been running and looking back and just barely existing and calling it getting by. This time run and don't look back and call it living. Live every second, live it right up to the hilt. Live, Wyatt, Live for me.