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These are quotes which stir or move feelings or emotions inside us. That uplifing feeling is termed inspirational. You will find many of these quotes on various topics or subject areas listed to the right. The inspiring quotes found here are organized so that you may easily find the category which you seek. Each section below has a heading link to a specific subject area. Simply click on the link and you will be taken to the correct inspirational page. Use our search engine to find other not listed here. You may want to look at our love and friendship quotes as well. They provide many selections that are uplifing and inspiring quotes.

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famous inspirational quotes

This category contains some of the all time favorite inspirational writings by famous persons. These uplifting quotes are sure to provide just the right touch to inspire either you or your audience. These quotes will be suitable to many occasions from a card to a friend or in the meat of a presentation. As mentioned above, to find more quotes along the same lines, visit our friendship quotes or love quotes. The movies section also will provide some great uplifting words. Again, share your favorites with us if you do not find the quotes or sayings here. You should try our search engine as well. Enjoy our quotes and have a great day!