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-- Sir Edmund Hillary

Night at the Roxbury, A Quotes

You're mad cowing on me!

You want some of this? How about a little of THAT?

My night is complete now that you've seeerved and protected me.

1) You see this guy back here? 2)sup 1)hes my co-pilot on this magic carpet ride, and you are just way too much baggage

Doug: Hey dad, i think you're mistaking steve for someone who gives a flying rat's ass. Steve: Flying rat's ass, that'd be wild to see.

1)It's not a toy! It's a club w/a jungle theme. 2)You're a jungle theme!!

1)Names. 2)Doug Butabi. 3)Steve Butabi. 1)You're brothers? 2)No. 2&3) YES!! Man! 1)That's quite a joke.

1)What are you doing? 2)Checking you're label. Just as I thought: Made in Heaven

1)You can take away our phones and our car, but you can NOT take away our dreams! 2)Yeah! 'Cause we're like sleeping when we have them!

1)I want you to do me a favor. 2)Anything you say, T.J. Hooker. 1)Please obey all posted speed limits.

1) Did Mom get lipstick on me? 2) Yeah, but it looks like you were making out. 1) Sweet.