Bible Proverbs | Biblical Proverbs

These Bible Proverbs or Biblical Proverbs come from the "St. Joseph Edition of the New American Bible". You will find bible proverbs from each chapter in the Book of Proverbs. The Book of Proverbs addresses many timeless issues such as wisdom, wickedness, greed, violence, attitude toward God, attitude toward your fellow man, adultry, freindship, and wives. Each of these bible proverbs are listed by chapter and verse in the format "Book Chapter:Verse". We hope you enjoy our selections! And now on to the bible proverbs and biblical proverbs...

Proverbs 21

He who makes a fortune by a lying tongue is chasing a bubble over deadly snares.
-- Proverbs 21:6

He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor will himself also call and not be heard.
-- Proverbs 21:13

It is better to dwell in a wilderness than with a quarrelsome and vexatious wife.
-- Proverbs 21:19

Some are consumed with avarice all the day, but the just man gives unsparingly.
-- Proverbs 21:26

There is no wisdom, no understanding, no counsel, against the Lord.
-- Proverbs 21:30

Proverbs 22

Train a boy in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not swerve from it.
-- Proverbs 22:6

The eyes of the Lord safeguard knowledge, but he defeats the projects of the faithless.
-- Proverbs 22:12

Injure not the poor because they are poor, nor crush the needy at the gate;
For the Lord will defend their cause, and will plunder the lives of those who plunder them.
Be not friendly with a hotheaded man, nor the companion of a wrathful man,
Lest you learn his ways, and get yourself into a snare.
-- Proverbs 22:22-25

For if you ahve not the means to pay, your bed will be taken from under you.
-- Proverbs 22:27

Proverbs 23

Speak not for the fool's hearing; he will despise the wisdom of your words.
-- Proverbs 23:9

My son, if your heart be wise, my own heart also will rejoice;
And my inmost being will exult, when your lips speak what is right.
-- Proverbs 23:15-16

Listen to your father who begot you, and despise not your mother when she is old.
-- Proverbs 23:22

Let your father and mother have joy; let her who bore you exult.
-- Proverbs 23:25

Proverbs 24

A wise man is more powerful than a strong man, and a man of knowledge than a man of might;
For it is by wise guidance that you wage your war, and the victory is due to a wealth of counselors.
-- Proverbs 24:5-6

Rescue those who are being dragged to death, and from those tottering to execution withdraw not.
-- Proverbs 24:11

Be not a witness against your neighbor without just cause, thus committing folly with your lips.
-- Proverbs 24:28

Proverbs 25

Discuss your case with your neighbor, but another man's secret do not disclose;
Lest, hearing it, he reproach you, and your ill repute cease not.
-- Proverbs 25:9-10

Let your foot be seldom in your neighbor's house, lest he have more than enough of you, and hate you.
-- Proverbs 25:17

Proverbs 26

The whip for the horse, the bridle for the ass, and the rod for the back of fools.
-- Proverbs 26:3

A proverb in the mouth of a fool hangs limp, like crippled legs.
-- Proverbs 26:7

The door turns on it's hinges, the sluggard, on his bed!
-- Proverbs 26:14

Proverbs 27

Boast not of tomorrow, for you know not what any day may bring forth.
-- Proverbs 27:1

Let another praise you - not your own mouth; someone else - not your own lips.
-- Proverbs 27:2

Proverbs 28

He who seduces the upright int an evil way will himself fall into his own pit. [And blameless men will gain prosperity.]
-- Proverbs 28:10

He who conceals his sins prospers not, but he who confesses and forsakes them obtains mercy.
-- Proverbs 28:13

The trusworthy man will be richly blessed; he who is in haste to grow rich will not go unpunished.
-- Proverbs 28:20

He who defrauds father or mother and calls it no sin, is a partner of the brigand.
-- Proverbs 28:24

He who gives to the poor suffers no want, but he who ignores them gets many a curse.
-- Proverbs 28:27

Proverbs 29

The man who flatters his neighbor is spreading a net under his feet.
-- Proverbs 29:5

If a ruler listens to lying words, his servants all become wicked.
-- Proverbs 29:12

The rod of correction gives wisdom, but a boy left to his whims disgraces his mother.
-- Proverbs 29:15

Correct your son, and he will bring you comfort, and give delight to your soul.
-- Proverbs 29:17

Proverbs 30

The eye that mocks a father, or scorns an aged mother, Will be plucked out by the ravens in the valle; the young eagles will devour it.
-- Proverbs 30:17

Proverbs 31

When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls.
Her husband, entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize.
She brings him good, and not evil, all the days of her life.
-- Proverbs 31:10-12

Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting; the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
-- Proverbs 31:30