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Proverbs are maxims or sayings that are generally spoken in a specific area. Many proverbs, no matter their origin, have permeated their physical boundaries. Through these pages you will find Chinese Proverbs, Irish Proverbs, African Proverbs, English Proverbs, Japanese Proverbs, Spanish Proverbs, American Proverbs, and French Proverbs. You will also find famous proverbs from other areas by searching our site with our Famous Quotes Search Engine. Should you wish to contribute more proverbs, simply log in and click "Submit" from the menu bar.  If you are not already a registered user, sign up for our free Quote of The Day mailing!     And now on to the proverbs and famous proverbs guide ...

Chinese Proverbs

Select Chinese Proverbs are listed on this page. As always, refer to our search engine for a complete, up to date listing. Take a look at our selected book on Chinese Proverbs from this page. This book of Chinese Proverbs will be a great addition to your library.

Irish Proverbs

May the luck of the Irish be with you in these Irish Proverbs. These selections will give you insight into many common life experiences. Take a look at our Irish Proverbs book selection for more of those great sayings.

African Proverbs

African proverbs in this section come from many different tribes in Africa. For more great African Proverbs, add our Amazon book selection to your library.

English Proverbs

From the land of kings and queens comes these great English Proverbs. You will find topics from children to fools to family in these great English Proverbs.

Latin Proverbs

From the land of the Romans come these Latin Proverbs. Much philosophy was learned from these great people. For more on Latin Proverbs, check out the selection from Amazon.

Spanish Proverbs

From the conduit between Europe and Africa come the Spanish Proverbs. Check out these great quotes and sayings. If you have more suggestions for Spanish Proverbs, do not hesitate to submit your favorites.

American Proverbs

American Proverbs come from the homeland of QuoteMountain. Take a look at the selection from Amazon. This book on American Proverbs is a great addition to your quotes, sayings, or proverbs archive.

French Proverbs

Check out the French Proverbs for insights on beauty, work, patience, and love.

Bible Proverbs | Biblical Proverbs

These Bible Proverbs come from the "St. Joseph Edition of the New American Bible". You will find select Biblical Proverbs from each chapter in the Book of Proverbs.