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Everyone seems to be raving over myspace! What is myspace? Well, if you reached this page from searching for myspace backgrounds or myspace skins, you arleady know. But if you got here just browsing around and satisfying your curious nature, let us fill you in! But before we dive in really deep, let us remind you to check out our selections to the right. They are really popular and our content is widely used on profiles. Also, while you are here, sign up to receive our Quote of The Day! It's fast and, best of all, free!

You may use ANY of your content. The only requirement is that you place the link below on your profile page. No matter how many quotes you use, simply place just one link on your page in a legible size! It's that easy ... highlight the text, right click, choose copy, and paste the code into your editor. You may use css (inside the "style" attribute) to change the presentation aspects of the link but please do not change the text. Change the color or size or other appearance attributes so that the link text contrasts with your myspace backgrounds.

With that out of the way, what is MySpace? It is an online community for social networking of all types. If you are looking for a dating service, job contacts, online chat, a way to keep up with friends, or any other number of social activities, these types of sites will provide just that.

After you sign up, you are allowed to create your own page. The pages have several sections with information about you. You can change the colors, and various other aspects of your page.

myspace skins

myspace skins and myspace codes Myspace skins are the layout of your myspace page. No matter if you call them skins, templates, backgrounds, layouts, or whatever, those terms refer to the same thing ... how your page looks. Take, for instance, the picture to the right. That is an example of a background or skin. It is a combination of graphics, html, and css. Much of the tedious details are taken out using the site but it can still help to know some html or css. That is why so many are searching for myspace codes.

The table below shows some skins that we have created as well as those others have created and sent us. Many background textures come standard in paint programs and colors are easily altered. Start with some of these images and play with them to create your perfect color graphic for your myspace background. If you notice any graphics that are not public domain and you have the copyright, by all means let us know and we will either remove the graphic or give you credit.

To save these graphics, simply right click over them. Select "Save" and the small graphic will be saved on your computer! That is all there is to it. Well, of course, you actually have to do something with it but that is another topic.

We have surfed the internet to bring you some of the best locations (other than ours of course) to find these myspace backgrounds. There are more and more popping up each day so keep coming back ... we will post those that are really worthy. Our selections are listed below for your convenience. Visit these sites at your own risk. They are provided to simplify your search for templates. So many sites listed in the search engines don't provide quality information. Send you friends here if you find this page helpful! Enjoy!!!

We hope you found this page useful and were able to figure out those myspace codes that you were looking for. Take a look around our site and feel free to use any quote or group of quotes you like. All we ask is that you give our site credit by copying and pasting the following link on your page. Again, you may modify the presentation attributes but please leave the link and link text as they appear below! Thanks and we hope you enjoyed your time here at QuoteMountain. Tell your friends and come back soon!