Christian Prayers

What are Christian Prayers? In the simplistic terms of this author, they are personal conversations with Jesus Christ. They thank God for all of the good things that he has done and they ask for strength to make it through the bad or tough times.

Each religion may have certain prayers that they choose to pray. For example, Catholics pray The Rosary. You will find the prayers used when praying the rosary in the list below. Other Catholic prayers are included as well. These are all Christian Prayers.

But not all prayers are religion specific. Many prayers are prayed across religions. The important thing to remember is that no specific religion "owns" any certain prayer. They may have started a tradition using the prayer but the point or benefit is you finding peace within when praying the words.

Common Christian Prayers

  1. Serenity Prayer - This prayer is attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr.
  2. Amazing Grace Lyrics - One of the greates hymns of all times! How well do you know they lyrics? Take a look and learn them by heart.
  3. Apostles Creed - This is the first prayer of the Holy Rosary after making the sign of the cross.
  4. Lords Prayer - Also known as the "Our Father", this is one of the most widely prayed prayers among all Christian religions.

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